Sock Subscription of the Month: 8 Random, Fun, and Useless Facts About Socks

Whaaat? You didn’t know there was such a thing as">sock subscription of the month clubs out there? It’s true! Unlike most other clothing articles, socks don’t go out of style that often, which makes this gift idea great for nearly any special occasion in your life (think birthday, anniversary, or the random chance you decide to send someone a gift because they’re awesome). Here are some random facts about socks to help explain why it’s such an interesting and fun topic to write about. Have fun reading!

Where do our socks come from?

It's no secret that socks are a necessity when it comes to protecting our feet. But where do they come from? In order to find out, we spoke with Scott Montgomerie, president of Philosockphy. He explained that socks are one of the oldest forms of clothing and were invented in Egypt around 3000 BC. They were made from woven fabric and used for warmth as well as protection from the elements. It was only much later on in 1839 that we started making them out of cotton. Today there is a huge variety available including wool, bamboo, cotton blend and even vegan options!

But how do we actually get our hands on these essential items? Well you can either go to your local store or buy them online.

The history of socks

The word sock is derived from a Middle English word meaning to cover. The oldest known socks are Egyptian, dating back to 4000 BC. One of the most famous pairs was found in Tutankhamen's tomb. They were made out of linen with stripes on them and were probably worn by a priest or pharaoh.

The modern sock emerged in the early 1900s when new knitting machines allowed for better production.

Fashionable socks are more comfortable

If you're anything like me, you wear socks religiously. Sure they make your feet smell funny after a while but they keep your toes warm in winter. So when Philosockphy offered to send me a box of their specially curated monthly">sock subscription I said why not?

I had some expectations going into this. I figured it would be like any other">sock subscription service where they just send you a bunch of different pairs of socks with no rhyme or reason. But I was wrong! They actually took the time to curate each month's box based on what you love about life. For example, my October box was themed Fall is Coming which consisted of six pairs of socks that were all shades of orange and browns.

How often should you wash your socks?

If you've ever wondered how often to wash your socks, or if you're still wearing dirty socks from last year's ski trip in Vermont, then we have some answers for you. Philosockphy is a company that curates a monthly">sock subscription that features six pairs of socks (three pairs each) with an artisanal design made by independent designers around the world. The socks are delivered right to your doorstep so you can stop worrying about where to buy them next time they need replacing.

What are some sock terms?

1. Hose. Hose are socks that cover the lower leg from foot to knee. 2. Ankle sock. An ankle sock is a type of sock that only covers part of your foot (usually just your ankle). 3. Dress sock. A dress sock is typically worn with dress shoes as they are long enough to fit over the shoe and your pant leg, but not so long that they drag on the ground when walking around in them. 4. Casual socks or Everyday socks are types of socks that you can wear with any type of shoe - sneakers, sandals, boots or anything else that might be on your feet during a normal day at work or school. 5.

How to Store your Socks

Put your socks in a drawer. It's that simple! You can also fold them to save space, or hang them if you have a designated area. If you're into making sock puppets or other crafts with socks, you might want to consider an organizational system for keeping your creations together. There are so many ways to store socks!

Three Tips to Take Care of your Socks (and Shoes)

1. Check your feet regularly for any signs of an ingrown toenail or other foot ailment that might be causing or contributing to your problem. 2. Make sure you're wearing socks that fit you well. 3. When you take off your shoes at night, use a shoe horn to help remove them from your feet gently—or get a shoe stretcher if the problem is chronic and happening too often.

Why did cotton replace silk in socks?

The reasons for the cotton switch in socks are not entirely clear. One story suggests that it was due to a shortage of silk during World War II. Another theory is that cotton's durability made it an attractive replacement for silk stocks. This durability has been put to the test over many years, and cotton has proven itself as a quality material for making socks.