Sock Subscription of the Month: 5 Unique Ways to Fold Your Socks


Folding socks might seem like a mundane task, and it’s true that it’s not the most interesting or exciting thing you can do in your spare time. However, with subscription services for everything from socks to video games getting more popular every day, you might be surprised at how entertaining you find folding your socks! Here are 5 unique ways to fold your socks and make the chore of doing laundry more exciting than ever before!


1) Roll Them Up

The easiest way to fold socks is rolling them up. Simply fold the sock in half, and then roll it up from toe to heel. This method is great for those who want their socks organized in pairs and don't have time for fancy folding. For a more creative look, use this technique with colorful socks or dressy ankle socks.


2) Bunch Them Together

If you want to save some time in your morning routine, or if you're tired of trying to find matching socks, there are a few ways you can fold your socks for easy access. Use these five different methods for your sock drawer and you'll never have mismatched socks again!
-The first way is called the Bunched Up, where all your socks are bunched together in one big pile. This is perfect for separating ankle and dress socks from crew and over-the-calf styles. -The Slingshot is one that's great for shorter lengths, so it's perfect for kids or short adults who don't need more than a few inches out of their sock drawer.


3) Stuff Them In a Tissue Box

This fun and easy way to fold your socks is also one that doesn't take up a lot of space. Just stuff them all in a tissue box and you're done! You can even tuck some spare socks in there for when you need them. This is a perfect idea for those who have little space in their closet or dresser.
1) Stuff your clean and dry socks into the tissue box (one layer deep).
2) Place tissue paper on top if desired, then close the lid tightly.
3) Place it anywhere in your room or closet with other boxes, drawers, shelves, etc., as this will not take up much space at all!


4) Roll Them Around A Pencil

One way that you can fold your socks is by rolling them around a pencil and then tucking in each end. In this way, you will have a neat tube that is perfect for storing in a sock drawer or stocking. Another way is to fold them over lengthwise and then tightly roll them up into a tube. You can also do what's called the accordion, which starts by folding one end of the sock over onto itself and then folding it back on itself again, alternating with folds until reaching the other side. This leaves you with an accordion-like shape, which is great for storage purposes. Another option is to fold your socks into thirds lengthwise and stack them like pancakes on top of one another so that all the toes are pointing in the same direction.


5) Braid Them

One way you can fold your socks is by braiding them. It's a really easy way, and it looks really cool! All you need to do is take two socks and put one on top of the other. Then cross one over the other, braid it, and tuck in the ends. Then take another sock and repeat with that one. You could also just braid one sock at a time if you're not feeling up for braiding both at once!