Sock Subscription of the Month: 5 Unique Ways to Fold Your Socks

sock subscription of the Month: 5 Unique Ways to Fold Your Socks

One of the worst parts about living on your own is that you no longer have someone to do your laundry for you. Sure, your clothes get clean, but they never match and it can take hours to sort through all of them at the end of the month to fold them in neat piles. But what if someone else did that work for you? What if every month someone sent you an entirely new set of perfectly folded socks without you having to lift a finger? That’s what sock subscription of the Month does, and today we’re going to show you how easy it is to get started!


1) Triangle shape

Many men don't know how to fold their socks, and those who do may have never tried one of these five styles! We'll start with a basic fold called The Basic Cuff, for those who are just looking for a place to put their socks at night. For something more fun, try crazy color dress socks. You could wear these socks every day and then switch them out every few days. Next up is Fun Men's ankle socks, which is great for when you're having friends over or going on a date. For something that can be used as a gift, try gift socks. Finally, we have Mens Purple ankle socks, which are perfect for the man in your life who loves purple!


2) French style

The French style is an elegant way to fold your socks. It's a bit more complicated than other methods, but it can be executed in about 10 seconds. First, lay your sock flat with the heel on one side and toes on the other. Next, fold the top half of the sock down diagonally so that you're left with two triangles touching each other at their bases. Now take a few steps back and execute this same folding motion on your second sock. After you've gone through this process for both socks, place them together in front of you so that they're mirror images of each other - meaning one will have its toes facing up and one will have its heel facing up.


3) Roll your socks into a ball

If you're a man, you know that socks are kind of a big deal. You wear them every day and they have to be comfortable. And if they're not, well then, that's just unacceptable. So when looking for the best sock subscription or sock of the month club out there, it can be hard to find one that offers everything you need. One thing that is key in any sock subscription service is how your socks will be delivered and what type of socks they offer. Will they send you ankle socks? Crews? Or something else? Knowing this before signing up will help make sure you get what you want. A great choice for men is crazy socks Club because their socks are all about having fun!


4) Horseshoe shape

Fold your socks in a horseshoe shape. This is the most common way that people fold their socks.
1. Place one sock on top of another and make sure they both have their heel at the bottom. 2. Place one sock on top of another and make sure they both have their heel at the bottom. 3. Fold one sock into half, so it’s over lapping with its partner and has its heel at the bottom, then repeat this step with other side of pair to create a horseshoe shape 4. Take each sock individually and fold them together into a square shape, then do this for all your pairs 5. Fold each pair in half (so you end up with two layers) but leave some space between them 6.


5) Make it look like origami

The next time you're looking for a new sock, don't forget about the fun, colorful socks from Mr. Fox and Sons! They offer a wide variety of colors and styles for men, so there is something for everyone. You may not have a lot of room in your sock drawer, but that's not a problem because their socks are designed to be folded flat and stacked neatly. Plus, they come with two pairs of matched socks every month--one for your right foot and one for your left--so you won't need to worry about matching them yourself. Their best-in-class subscription service comes complete with free shipping and exchanges (you just pay the return shipping) so you can get new socks when you want them.