Sock Subscription of the Month: 5 Unique Ways to Fold Your Socks

Your sock drawer can be, frankly, a little boring. We’ve all seen the same old socks that we wear every day and don’t know what to do with the new, fun socks that we just got from our favorite subscription service (see sock subscription of the Month). Now, however, there are five unique ways to fold your socks that will make your sock drawer more interesting and fun!

Six Basic Types of Sock Folding

Kneel in front of your sock drawer and divide your socks into piles by color, or pattern. Now it's time for you to decide which type of fold is best for you. Here are six basic types that will have you saying cool socks!

Quick Tip 1 – The Infinity Loop

In case you haven't heard, there are all sorts of cool socks out there. And no matter what your favorite style is, we've got you covered. For this quick tip, let's talk about a unique way to fold your socks--the infinity loop! This is an easy way for you and your loved ones to enjoy pairs of cool socks in a whole new way.

This technique requires some elbow grease at first but once you get it down pat it becomes second nature. First take two pairs of socks that match or compliment each other and lay them on top of one another with their toes touching. With both hands push the bottom sock up and over the top one so that it overlaps by half its length.

Quick Tip 2 – The Butterfly Wing

The final step is to fold your sock in half, lengthwise. Then take it and fold it in half again. Once you've done that, take both ends of the sock and bring them together so they're on top of each other. Then, with your hands underneath the sock, use your thumbs and index fingers to push one side over the other side until they meet in the middle. Finally, tuck in any overlapping fabric so you're left with a tube shape. And voila! You've got yourself a tidy little package for storing or travelling with.

Quick Tip 3 – Snake Belly

This is one of my favorite ways to fold socks because it's quick and easy. It also looks really cute! In order to start, lay your folded or unfolded sock on top of your other sock. Take one end and drape it over the opposite side. From there, take the other end and put it over both sides. Finally, tuck under any loose fabric and tug gently on each end so that they are even with each other. Voilà! You're done.

Quick Tip 4 – Diagonal Snake

This is a great sock folding technique that can help you get your socks organized in a fun way. First, lay your socks on top of each other and fold them so that they are in half lengthwise. Then, fold one end over the other end. Now, grab both ends with one hand and twist them in opposite directions until the sock is wrapped into a diagonal snake.