Sock Subscription of the Month: 5 Great Ways to Fold Your Socks


How many of us actually enjoy folding our socks? Whether you’re more concerned with getting the socks out of the laundry so you can get dressed or you’re just tired of putting a good pair in the hamper only to find it on your floor the next day, one thing’s for sure—we could all use some help when it comes to folding our socks. Enter sock subscription of the Month (SSOTM). This monthly sock delivery service helps you learn new ways to fold your socks in order to save time and space in your dresser drawers.


5 Easy Methods

1) Roll them up into a ball and place them in a drawer or sock jar. 2) Toss them in your hamper. 3) Put them back on after you take them off. 4) Keep one pair for wearing and put the rest in a drawer or sock jar. 5) Put all your socks in pairs into a dresser or sock box and pull out only one pair when it's time to wear them.


Method 1 - The Clock Method

The clock method is one of the most popular ways that men like to fold their socks. You start by bunching your socks together into two piles. One pile should have all the white socks, and one pile should have all of your colored socks. Then, you line up your white socks in a row and lay them flat on top of each other so they're standing up on their own. Finally, you take each pair and fold it in half so it's laying down with its partner right next to it. Now you just take each group of two and put them back together with its other matching sock.
You can also make sure that your socks are never mismatched by using this method!


Method 2 - The Over Under Method

The first way you can fold socks is called the over under method. To do this, lay your socks out in front of you with their toes pointed towards you and their heel away from you. Bend one sock at a time on its side and then fold it in half lengthwise as if it were an open book. Now take the loose end that is hanging off from one side of the folded sock and tuck it in between where your fingers are holding onto both sides. You can now repeat this process with the other sock and voila! A beautifully folded pair of socks that will always stay put.
I don't know about you, but I'm so relieved I found this easy way to fold my socks!


Method 3 - The Pretzel Method

The pretzel method is one way to fold your socks and it works especially well with dress socks. All you need to do is take a sock and make a pretzel shape by folding it in half lengthwise. Then, bend it so that it lays on top of its other half, forming a V-shape. Finally, tuck the ends under each other and set them aside. Repeat this process with all your dress socks until they're all folded up in their little pretzels!


Method 4 - The Book Stack method

Simply stack your socks on top of one another, with your heel towards you. Take one sock and fold it in half so that the inside is facing out and the toes are towards you. Take a second sock, and fold it in half so that it is facing outwards, but with its toes pointing away from you. Now put this second sock on top of your first sock, placing each loop over the other's. Repeat this process for as many pairs as you have, until all your socks are folded this way.