Sock Subscription of the Month: 5 Fun Ways to Style Socks with Any Outfit


How often do you think about your socks? Do you remember to buy them, pick out specific ones that match your outfit, or style them in creative ways? If not, it might be time to consider getting a sock subscription. By paying regular monthly installments to a sock subscription service, you’ll not only get a fresh pair of socks in the mail every month, but you’ll also find new and exciting ways to put socks in your outfits. Here are five fun ways to style socks with any outfit...


1) Wear socks with ankle boots

Not all socks are created equal, and not all outfits are created equal. But that doesn't mean that you can't find some ways to make your outfits a little more fun. One way is to wear colorful ankle socks with your favorite boots! This is a great idea for an autumn or winter outfit because it will help keep you warm during these colder months. When it's warmer, wearing funky colored socks can be a really fun way to brighten up an otherwise boring outfit (it's also a good way to show off your personality through the clothes that you wear). You'll look different and feel different - if only because of how awesome those new socks smell!


2) Play up your socks and your lipstick

The socks I received were really awesome, and I got a new pair every month. They were all different colors, patterns and styles. What was really cool was that they always matched my lipstick.
The coolest thing about these socks is that they're made for men! Sometimes it's hard to find fun socks for men, so this is great. These are perfect for me because I love crazy color dress socks, so I had a lot of fun when picking out my preferences!
I can't wait to see what they send me next month!


3) Combine them under a nice pair of jeans

The best way to wear socks is under a pair of jeans. They are not only comfortable, but they are also stylish. There are many ways to style your socks for any outfit, so it doesn't matter if you're wearing dress pants or a suit. Here's a few ways that you can stay warm and fashionable this winter!
#1) Pair your favourite crew socks with a pair of black jeans and sneakers
#2) Throw on some colorful ankle socks and lace-up boots for an edgy look #3) Dress up your jeans in a suit jacket and dress shoes for work #4) Keep it casual in some regular ankle socks and Chuck Taylors


4) Have fun in flats

1. Take your socks off and wear them as a bracelet.
2. Wear two socks at once!
3. Take your favorite shirt, button it up all the way, then put on a pair of socks over it like an extra layer of clothing.
4. Wear high-waisted pants and put on some ankle socks as a belt or tie them around your waist for a chic look.
5. Put on some white pants with black stripes and wear some striped ankle socks for a fun pattern mix-up!


5) Mismatched socks are still stylish

Mismatched socks are still stylish and fun. Whether you're in search for a fun mens ankle socks or just looking for a gift sock, look no further than our monthly sock subscription. We have a cool socks for men club so you can be assured that your feet will be in style all year-round.