Sock Subscription of the Month: 5 Fun Ways to Style Socks with Any Outfit

You may not think about them, but socks are an essential part of your wardrobe. But, with so many fun and trendy colors and patterns available these days, why restrict yourself to the same old pair? That’s where sock subscriptions come in! Each month, you receive a package filled with three pairs of fun and fashionable socks, allowing you to style your feet with any outfit in your closet. Below are five fun ways you can use your sock subscription to spice up your outfits in no time at all!

Look 1 - Casual Dressy

Style 1 - Casual Dressy A pair of black dress socks is perfect for pairing with a casual dress. Add some color by choosing vibrant or patterned socks to give your outfit some oomph. You can wear these socks with any basic dress, but for an extra pop try a maxi dress or a swing skirt.

Style 2 - Hard Working (four sentences)]

Style 3 - Hard Working If you're looking for some more rugged style, try wearing your socks inside out and tucking them into your pants. This will give you that just working in my garage vibe that many men love about this look.

Look 2 - Summer Office Wear

Beth really wanted to be stylish and comfortable while at work, but also didn't want her feet to be too hot in the summer heat. She found a solution by switching up her socks! Today we're sharing five fun ways she styles them for any outfit.

1) Striped-sock-with-a-skirt or dress - Stripes are a great way to add some interest and colour when wearing a skirt or dress. Beth mixes it up by pairing stripes on one foot and polka dots on the other. 2) Black sock with everything - Some days you want your outfit to match your mood, so what better way than by wearing black socks?

Look 3 - Lazy Days at Home

It's a beautiful day outside, but you're stuck at home. No need to fret though because we have some quick and easy ways for you to style socks for a lazy day at home! Let's start with pairing socks with your comfiest pair of jeans, like these from Levi. Pick a knee-high sock in a fun pattern and pop it over the top of your jeans so that it sits just below your knee. It's an easy way to create an interesting look that will make getting dressed this morning seem like no big deal. If you have time, find a matching top in your closet and wear them together for an even more cohesive look!

Look 4 - Cocktail Party Attire

1. Pair colorful socks with a chic cocktail dress for a pop of fun. The perfect occasion to show off your personal style, even if you have an otherwise conservative outfit.

2. If you're headed out on the town, don't be afraid to pair patterned socks with your favorite jeans for some added character.

3. Layer your sneakers and socks in a variety of colors and patterns for a look that's perfect for running errands on Saturday morning or taking a walk around town on Sunday afternoon - all while making a statement!

4. Add some color and pizazz to your everyday office attire by wearing patterned or striped socks under dark trousers (or tights) and black heels.

Look 5 - Date Night Outfit

If you're in a rush, a simple outfit like this is perfect. Pair a dressy top with tights and black boots for an effortlessly polished look. The best part? You can easily wear these socks with so many different outfits!