Sock Subscription Club Delivers Sharpest Socks Yet


Over the last few months, we’ve been busy designing, developing, and producing new pairs of socks exclusively for our sock subscription Club members. We’re excited to finally share our latest collection with you—and we think you’re going to love them. All three pairs of socks feature themes that reflect the sharpest philosophical ideas in Western history, including Socrates (which has already sold out), Descartes, and Spinoza. These high-quality designer socks are perfect whether you wear them yourself or give them as gifts to the philosophers in your life!


The Box Arrives

The socks arrive in a simple but stylish cardboard box. I open it up to find three pairs of socks packaged with care. The first pair is the purple ankle socks that I ordered, which are awesome and just what I wanted. The second pair is a set of fun dress socks that have an interesting pattern on them, and they're great for making a statement at work or at home. The final pair is a beautiful crew sock that's perfect for wearing with sneakers or some fancy shoes. It's got some awesome colors in it, and I'm already thinking about what other items in the store would go well with these socks!


The Box Contents

The best sock subscription club in the world is here! With a new shipment of socks every month, we make it easy to stay on top of your sock game. Check out these features!
- A whole new pair of colorful, men's ankle socks every month - 6 different curated collections with different themes: awesome socks club, Crazy Color Dress Soxs for Men, best crew socks for Men, Best Gift for Dad, cool mens socks and Crazy Color Dress Soxs - A personalized box based on your style preference - Free shipping to the US and Canada


The Production Process

It all starts with the name. We have a lot of fun naming our socks, because it sets the tone for everything else. Next, we design and print the design on high quality cotton blend socks in a variety of bright colors. Our American-made socks are then sewn together by hand with love and care by our team in North Carolina. We never use an automated machine to sew our socks - this ensures that each sock is made with attention to detail and precision! Finally, after months of hard work from designers, printers, packers and seamstresses alike, we're excited to share these new designs with you!


A Short History on Philosocks

Philosocks was started by two friends who were looking for a way to make their own cool, fun socks. They wanted to find a way for other people with similar interests to enjoy the same socks they did. So, the two founders of Philosocks created an exclusive sock club that delivers the sharpest socks yet. The first step is to decide what style of socks you want and which color option you would like your socks in. Then, choose how many pairs you would like and when you want them delivered every month or every three months (the more pairs, the cheaper it is). Finally, sign up for Philosocks' sock club today and get your very own shipment of sharpest men's ankle socks ever!


Delivery Policy & Future Plans

We deliver the best socks of the month club to your doorstep. If you're gifting socks, they will include a personalized message to make it extra special. Plus, we plan on expanding our sock subscription club by adding more colors and styles in the future!