Sock Subscription Boxes Review and Why You Should Join One

Sock Subscription Boxes Review and Why You Should Join One

One of the greatest things about being an adult, or so I’ve been told, is that you can buy yourself socks whenever you want, in whatever colors and styles you want. It’s true! If it makes you happy to wear pink striped purple knee-highs with little skulls on them every day, then go for it!

What are sock subscription boxes?

A sock subscription box is a monthly service that sends you one or more pairs of new socks each month. The average cost per pair tends to be between $6-10. There are tons of different subscription boxes on the market with different themes and varieties, so finding a good one shouldn’t be too difficult. With all these options it can be hard to pick out a good one for yourself, which is why I’ve done all of that for you! Read on to find out which sock subscription boxes you should join in 2019.

Reasons to try a sock subscription box

There are so many great reasons to try a sock subscription box. If you’re looking for some cool socks, check out a sock subscription box. Looking for socks of a certain color? A sock subscription box has you covered. Are you sick of wearing boring socks? Sock subscription boxes will get your feet looking forward to putting on your favorite pair each day. Whatever type of socks you like or whatever look you’re going for, there is a sock subscription box out there with something just right for you!

What's inside these boxes?

Each month, you'll receive 3 to 5 pair of cool socks (depending on your box type) delivered to your door. Each pair comes with its own special greeting card, either in paper or via email. Many of these cards are customized just for you, meaning that if you're lucky, they might read World's Best Boss or World's Greatest Dad. All boxes also come with a membership card that doubles as a one-time use discount code for new subscribers. It’s our way of saying thank you! On top of that, many members have found our customer service to be exceptional—we work hard to make sure each member has an amazing experience every step of the way.

How much does it cost?

Monthly socks subscription boxes cost as little as $15-$25 per month. However, some of these services offer a discount for buying multiple months upfront or put a small shipping fee on your order. And be careful—some sock subscriptions don’t ship in sequential months, so make sure you really want an ongoing service before signing up! Some companies even have a sock-of-the-month club where you get an exclusive design or color not available anywhere else; plus, many of these companies donate part of their proceeds to charity! So if cool socks are what you’re looking for, they can do more than just fill your shoes—they can help with a good cause!

Who can join?

If you’re not familiar with sock subscription boxes, here’s how they work: each month (or every other month), a box of socks is delivered to your doorstep. Typically, these boxes contain several pairs of fun, themed socks—and other various accessories. Here’s where it gets fun: you get to try out new brands while being introduced to unique patterns that otherwise would have gone under your radar. Signing up for one of these boxes is like having a coupon for cool socks without ever needing to clip anything! And besides making great gifts, introducing new pairs of socks into your wardrobe can be a great way to get creative and show off some personality at work.

FAQs for sock subscription box members

Here are some frequently asked questions for those considering sock subscription boxes. These questions are relevant to all subscriptions, but there are also variations depending on your interests. When you’re considering joining a sock subscription box, you should know what to expect beforehand so that you can plan out any purchases appropriately, how many socks do I need per month? How many different pairs of socks will I get each month? What brand of socks will I receive in my box? Will these socks be men's or women's sizes? How should I wash my new socks? Keep reading below for answers to all of these questions!