Sock Philosockphy: The Sock of the Month Club


Is it OK to mix colored and patterned socks? Is it true that you should roll your socks down, or do you just fold them over at the ankle? Sock questions like these are highly debated in many circles of sock-lovers, and we’re here to answer them with our new video series, Sock Philosockphy. In this first video, we walk you through 5 great ways to fold your socks. So sit back, grab your favorite pair of socks, and prepare to have your socks knocked off!

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The method I use

I'm a man who loves colourful socks. I love all of my socks, but I have a special fondness for ankle-height socks with crazy colors and patterns. That's why my sock subscription box is so great; it's full of awesome socks with cool designs that are perfect for men like me. There are six different sock-of-the-month clubs to choose from, including a monthly club and a quarterly club. All you need to do is choose which best suits your needs!
1) The Monthly Club gives you one new pair of awesome socks every month delivered right to your doorstep. Perfect if you want to get some fresh new sock designs every month!

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Why it works

The best sock subscription service is a great way to get socks monthly. Why not have fun with your wardrobe and wear crazy socks every day? If you're not into that, try some dressy ones or crew-length. You can also get some cool ankle socks or colorful ones. Fun, funky and formal socks are all on offer at this club.


Practice makes perfect

We all have to wear socks, and sometimes there's not enough pairs to go around. One way to keep from running out of clean socks is with a sock club. There are many different kinds that are offered, so you'll have a great time shopping for one. There are some that focus on fun socks for men while others focus on cool socks for men. If you want to get as many pairs as you want in a month, then there's always the sock of the month club! It's just like Netflix but with more awesome socks.


What are your sock folding tricks?

I have a few tricks that I use to help keep my socks from getting wrinkled. First, I always fold them in half and then in thirds. This way, I can fit as many pairs as possible into my drawer without having to worry about them. Second, if I happen to find a great sock but it doesn't match with anything else in my sock drawer, I'll try to remember where the pair is located and throw both pairs together so they don't get mixed up. Third, when I'm done wearing a pair of socks, instead of throwing them on top of each other like most people do, I fold them in half and put them at the bottom.


How many times should you fold socks?

The number of times you fold your socks can depend on their use. Athletic socks, for example, should be folded when they are put away after a workout because they tend to stretch out over time. If you're using a sock that has elastic or ribbing around the top, it's best to roll them up instead of folding them in half, so that they maintain their shape and elasticity. As for dress socks, there is no right or wrong way to fold them; it all depends on personal preference. Your best bet is to do what feels comfortable and most familiar with your style.