Sock Philosockphy: The Sock Monster


How many socks do you go through every month? It’s probably more than you realize, right? You lose socks when they slip off in the washer or dryer, or get holes so big they fall apart, but you don’t even know it! Not only do those missing socks drive your sock drawer crazy, but if you don’t notice their absence and replace them promptly with new ones, the problem only gets worse. Fortunately, there’s a better way to keep track of your socks, and that’s with Sock Philosockphy.


if you want to stay organized, keep track of your socks

How many times have you looked for a matching sock in your drawer and just couldn't find it? It can be frustrating. Plus, socks are expensive! That's why we created the sock monster. It's a sock organizer that helps you stay organized by keeping track of all your socks. Just fill out the form below to be signed up for our monthly sock subscription service and then let us do the work!
1) When do you want to start receiving socks? 2) What size shoe do you wear? 3) What color preference would you like? 4) Do you have any other preferences? 5) Do you want knee-highs or ankle-highs (or both)? 6) Who is this gift for?


what do your socks say about you?

We live in a world where people are constantly taking pictures of themselves and post them on social media. And that's great! But some people just want to wear the darn socks. We're not saying we don't like posting our outfit on social media, but there is a time and place for everything. In this day and age, you can't go wrong with a good pair of dress socks because they can be worn to work or paired with jeans for a more causal look. No matter what type of mens socks you're into, we've got you covered with our vast selection of mens ankle socks, colorful dress socks, funky crew socks and crazy color dress sock options for all occasions!


how can you tell if your socks are missing?

It's a common problem that when you do your laundry, socks go missing. It can be hard to tell if your socks are gone for good, or if they're just hiding in the dryer. Most of the time though, they really are gone and will never come back. This can be frustrating because you may have spent a lot of money on those particular socks. We've got some tips on how to avoid this problem in the future and how to identify whether or not your sock monster has struck again.
1) Check with other family members or roommates - Sometimes people borrow clothes and forget to give them back which means that their dirty socks get mixed up with yours and start disappearing!


what can you do about it?

If you're tired of losing your socks in the laundry and don't want to spend a fortune on new pairs, then we have the solution for you! We've heard your cries and created a sock subscription service that sends you colorful socks with every shipment. You'll never lose another sock again! Plus, they're affordable with no long term commitment!


i lost my sock in the wash...

I lost my sock in the wash. It was one of my favorite pairs and I wore them all the time. I had to find it before it got washed again and went down the drain with all the other socks from this load. I went through every piece of clothing that was in the wash, but they were all dry so they couldn't have been there. After a while, I conceded that it's gone for good and gave up on finding it.