Sock Philosockphy: 6 Sock Subscription Boxes to Spice Up Your Sock Drawer

Sock Philosockphy: 6 sock subscription Boxes to Spice Up Your Sock Drawer

How often do you wear your socks? If you’re like most people, you don’t get to enjoy the glorious feeling of a nice new pair of soft cotton socks every day, if ever! Most people have gotten into the habit of wearing old, worn-out socks that they just can’t part with because they have holes in them or are covered in embarrassing stains. But that’s no way to live!

#1 CrewCrew

What do you wear on your feet? Do you need a new pair of socks, or are you looking for that perfect gift for your dad who loves socks? You can't go wrong with CrewCrew. CrewCrew is a monthly sock subscription service that features more than just one type of sock; they offer ankle socks, dress socks and crew socks in every color imaginable. It's the best sock subscription club out there! With each shipment they include two pairs of fun and funky designs, which means that even if you don't wear colorful dress socks or crazy color dress socks everyday, it's still worth it. CrewCrew also offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you're not satisfied with the first two pairs of socks they send. What are you waiting for?

#2 Happy Socks

Happy Socks is one of the most recognizable sock brands in the world, and it's a favorite among men. They believe in providing quality socks that are colorful, comfortable, and fun. With a variety of socks for every personality, Happy Socks offers something for everyone.

Happy Socks features many different types of subscriptions including their signature Mens Purple ankle socks box which is perfect for gifting to your dad or brother on Father's Day or Christmas. In addition they offer a Mens Colored ankle socks subscription box with colors like pink and blue perfect for any occasion! From crew-socks to dress-socks, Happy Socks has you covered with high quality options that are super comfortable and designed specifically for men.

#3 Bombas

Bombas socks are perfect for any man who is looking for a sock that will last and are made in the USA. Bombas socks also have features that help with friction, circulation, and foot health. For example, the ankle has a form-fitting design that helps prevent blisters from forming on your heel. The elastic arch band around the top of the sock provides compression to stimulate blood flow, which can reduce discomfort in your feet. There's also an anti-blister tab at the base of each toe on these cool mens socks that prevents rubbing between toes! If you're looking for something more bright and colorful, then check out Bombas' fun crew socks or colorful socks for men.

#4 Coterie

Coterie is a monthly subscription service that delivers a curated assortment of socks right to your door. You can choose between different categories, such as gift socks, cool socks for men, or best dress sock of the month. The box comes with six pair of socks in a variety of colors and styles.

#5 Magdalena & Co.

I'm a sucker for novelty items and I love the idea of introducing some color into my otherwise dull wardrobe. Magdalena & Co. is a monthly subscription service that sends you one pair of fun socks delivered straight to your door every month! You can choose from three different styles, each with an assortment of different colors so you're never bored with your socks again. The best part about this sock subscription is that it's specifically for men! You know how hard it is to find fun socks for guys? This really takes the guesswork out of shopping for them.

#6 Jack Erwin

One of the most popular options for men are colorful socks, especially fun ankle socks. Jack Erwin is one of the best sock companies when it comes to making dress socks and they have some awesome crew socks that I highly recommend. Jack Erwin is also a great place for men who want fun, funky and colorful socks to spice up their sock drawer.