Sock of the Month: What Your Tie Says About You, According to Socks

sock of the month: What Your Tie Says About You, According to Socks

What’s your sock style? You might think of it as the kind of socks you wear—cotton or wool, athletic or formal, and so on—but we believe there’s much more to it than that. In fact, the socks you choose to wear every day are indicative of your personality type, outlook on life, and even your love life! These bold statements may seem far-fetched at first glance, but if you want to know what really makes people tick, look no further than their ankle coverings!

How can sock subscription help you out?

Everyone loves socks. The problem is most guys don’t love matching their socks to their ties (or shirts or pants for that matter). But if you want help matching your socks – with philosophy, anything is possible! That’s why we’ve taken our philosophy and applied it to a line of unique sock subscriptions called Philosockphy. We hope these socks will match your tie AND make you look smart (and fashionable) all at once. We think pairing philosophy with fashion is a pretty awesome way for everyone, everywhere, to feel like they have knowledge underfoot. Hopefully some day these fashionable hosiery will become as common as philosophic fountains in public squares! But in order to get there, we need your help first... Will you join us?

PhilosoSox - bringing philosophy into your wardrobe

PhilosoSox is a sock subscription service that pairs socks with books. While many people sign up for sock-of-the-month clubs thinking they’ll get cute and cozy socks to match their wardrobe, most just end up with bland pairs of boring black or white socks. To combat these lackluster styles, PhilosoSox partnered with Real Simple to pair subscribers' socks each month with one philosophy book. This way subscribers can look good while they learn something new each month.

Where should I start from?

It’s easy to get in a rut with socks. It’s one thing to wear that same old pair with your business-casual work outfit every day. But if you like having fun with fashion and expressing yourself through your clothes, why not make a switch? That’s where Philosockphy comes in. The philosophy is simple: it begins by subscribing—to a sock-of-the-month club or store—and ends with a bigger wardrobe and more fun in your life. Here are some specific philosockphies you can go for

Why all socks are equal?

To philosophically frame why socks subscriptions are an amazing concept: socks are a practical and commonplace garment. The bond we have with them isn’t emotional; we don’t love our socks because they support us or make us feel safe. They aren’t exactly friends in any way—unless you don’t have any friends, in which case...try making some. So if you're looking for something more than having a sock drawer, consider subscribing to a sock of the month club. It's a fun way to celebrate your sock game every month and it even makes for a great gift!

How long does it take to get my monthly socks?

First you must sign up for your socks of the month. It’s easy! Just complete a form and submit it through our secure portal. In 3-5 business days, you will receive your first pair of hand-selected socks. After that (depending on when you want your next pair), we’ll send you an email each month with an update on what socks are coming your way. Be sure to check out our sock gallery page in case there’s a special design that just came into stock! There’s no obligation to order extra pairs at any time; simply log in and select another new pair if desired. Or don't! It's up to you!

How much does a subscription cost?

A sock of the month subscription costs $12/month, a set including every month’s sock as well as a t-shirt costs $35/month. A gift subscription, which makes a great gift for any occasion (especially Father’s Day!), can be purchased here. All subscriptions are recurring. The sock(s) will be shipped to you on or around your subscribed date every month. Shipping is free within United States and international shipping is $5 per order. Gift certificates are also available for purchase online via PayPal and mailed via standard mail or first class mail with tracking number upon request.