Sock of the Month: What to Wear With Your Sock Subscription

sock of the month: What to Wear With Your sock subscription

A sock of the month subscription can be the perfect gift for any man or woman, regardless of their style preferences or age group. Socks of the month subscriptions have been around for several years, but many consumers still don’t know about them. If you have someone on your Christmas shopping list who seems impossible to shop for, consider giving him or her a sock subscription and help them express their unique personalities with one-of-a-kind socks!


The Basics

What's more fun than a monthly subscription to socks? There are so many options for cool socks, ankle socks and awesome sock subscriptions that you can choose from. From colorful crew socks and crazy color dress socks, to just plain old fun dress socks and mens colorful ankle socks, there is something for everyone! You could even use your sock of the month as a gift idea or stocking stuffer if you don't want it yourself!


Pairing with Jeans

Find out how to get great looking socks with your sock subscription while matching them with shorts.
1) Put on your shorts and socks.
2) If you are wearing a dress sock, put on some sandals or flip flops.
3) If you are wearing an ankle sock, put on some shoes.
4) Put on a fun shirt and don't forget your sunglasses!


Pairing with Shorts

The number one sock of the month club is a blast! They send you fresh, colorful socks every month. The best thing about them, is that they come in all different colors and patterns. These socks are perfect for wearing with your favorite shorts.
The company has cool looking, fun socks for men. They offer a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from. You can get as many pairs as you want each month or just one pair depending on what you're interested in. This is a great option if you don't know where to start and would like some help finding a good match for your style.


Pairing with a Skirt

A skirt is a perfect match for socks with color. The fashion rules are that skirts should be shorter than your pants, but you don't want them too short. For example, if you wear ankle socks with a skirt, you want the hem of the skirt to fall below your knee. This way it will show off your legs and make your outfit more fun and playful. You can also choose knee-length skirts or maxi skirts so long as they're not too high-waisted. If you have fun dresses or shorts, try wearing some crazy colorful dress socks with them! Other great ideas are just picking out some great looking colored ankle socks or colorful socks for men and wearing them with a plain dress or pants.


Pairing with Dresses

Dresses are perfect for almost any occasion, but when it comes to socks, you have a lot more options. Men can wear dress socks or ankle socks with dresses and look great - even in summer! Try pairing a colorful dress sock with your favorite dress for an even more fun look.
*Try pairing purple mens ankle socks with a light green dress. Purple is a color that matches well with green and brings out the best in both colors!*


Mixing and Matching Patterns

Since you're wearing a sock of the month club, it's always fun to mix and match your socks with other articles in your wardrobe. You can wear colorful ankle socks with a suit and tie, or you can wear crazy color dress socks with an ankle length skirt. If you want to play around even more, try pairing a fun dress sock with white sneakers for extra flair. Have fun mixing and matching patterns!