Sock of the Month: What Does Your Sock Choice Say About You?

sock of the month: What Does Your Sock Choice Say About You?

What better way to kick off the new year than with a brand-new sock subscription? One that gets delivered straight to your door every month? It’s like Christmas, but you get excited in December, and not just once per year! Plus, it’s more practical than the typical holiday present (that you’ll wear on Christmas and then store away until next year) because no matter what time of the year it is, we all need socks!


The psychology of color

Color has a powerful effect on people, and this is most evident in one's choice of clothing. This is why it may not be a surprise to learn that many sock subscription companies offer colorful socks for men. The psychology behind color and its affect on our lives is complex, but some studies have shown that certain colors can have an impact on our moods or emotions. Some colors like red make us feel more aggressive while others like blue can make us feel more content and relaxed. Our choice of socks can also reflect things about ourselves such as our personality type or values based on the colors we choose for our wardrobe. If you want to find out what your sock choice says about you, check out crazy socks Club's monthly sock subscription service!


The meaning of different patterns

Pairing socks with dress shoes and slacks is a classic look. crazy socks or colorful socks can be fun for casual settings and weekends. Matching pairs with business casual attire, like chinos and a button-up shirt, can also work well. Men's ankle socks are often considered a more masculine type of sock because they're designed to fit below the ankle while still covering the shoe line. The idea is that you can wear these types of socks without being too revealing. Fun men's ankle socks are perfect for those that want to showcase their personality in their style choices but don't want to draw too much attention from those around them.


The power of personalization

We think it's time to rethink what a sock subscription means. All too often, we find ourselves scrolling through social media and seeing people with matching socks - but not because they're matching their outfits. We see them wearing matching socks because they're wearing the same pair over and over again. Why not mix things up and take a chance on some crazy socks or funky socks that you might not ever wear in public? With our awesome socks club, you'll get a new pair delivered every month, including giftable custom-made pairs for your friends or family members. It's time to shake up your sock drawer!


How to choose the right socks for you

We know socks are a small but important part of your wardrobe. That's why we've created The awesome socks club. When you become a member, you'll receive one pair of our custom designed socks in your package each month. Cool crew socks and ankle socks make up our curated selections, but there are also other options like crazy color dress socks or fun men's colorful ankle socks.
Our sock subscriptions come with two different packages for you to choose from depending on how often you want new pairs sent to your door: best sock of the month club and best crew sock subscription club. The more frequently you receive new pairs, the higher your price will be but rest assured we're always sending out styles that are worth it!