Sock of the Month: Tumble Dry Your Socks in the Dryer or on the Clothesline?

sock of the month: Tumble Dry Your Socks in the Dryer or on the Clothesline?

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Tumble Dry Your Socks in the Dryer

If you're looking for a great way to dry your socks, it's time to consider tumble drying them. This process can be done in two ways. You can hang your socks and place them inside a dryer, or place them directly into the machine itself. The first method will take more time but offer the best results, while the second option is quicker but may not last as long. In either case, it's important that you monitor your socks during this process so they don't shrink too much. Toward the end of drying, be sure to shake out any excess water and spread out your socks evenly so they can dry evenly. If you follow these steps, tumble drying will be a breeze!


Tumble Dry Your Socks on the Clothesline

There are two schools of thought when it comes to socks. Some people say you should tumble dry your socks because they'll last longer that way, while others say you should hang them on the clothesline to avoid shrinkage and stretching.
Whether you choose to tumble dry or hang your socks is up to you, but for those looking for a more sustainable option, clotheslines are a great alternative. Plus, there's something about putting clothes out to dry that feels like summertime no matter what time of year it is!


The Answer

For something as simple as socks, there are an array of different things to consider. If you're looking for colorful, fun socks for yourself or someone else, this is a great way to go! One thing to think about is if you have time and access to a clothes line. If so, tumble dry your socks instead and they'll last longer and be more resistant to runs. But remember that if you do choose this option, you need to be diligent about putting them away immediately after drying. Another consideration is the right length of your sock. Because most people wear their ankle socks with shoes on (and not tights), many find that regular socks are too long; these folks prefer crew length instead!