Sock of the Month: The Shocking Truth About Socks

sock of the month: The Shocking Truth About Socks

The sock of the month Club is not just another sock subscription service. It’s so much more than that! With The sock of the month Club, you’re always getting an exciting new pair of socks straight to your door every month, but you’re also getting so much more! Before we get into what makes us different, let’s talk about why we exist in the first place. After all, who doesn’t love getting new socks in the mail every month?


The sock of the month club

Ever wonder what's going on with your socks? It turns out, there's a lot more to them than meets the eye.
This is where the sock of the month club comes in! We've done all the work for you and we'll deliver a new pair of socks every month. These are perfect for any occasion, so you can have something fun to wear in everyday life, or as a gift for someone else.
There are tons of different styles to choose from- ankle socks, crew socks, dress socks- and they come in all sorts of colours, patterns and prints. There's something for everyone!


How socks are made

The length and thickness of a sock is determined by how many strands are used. A thicker, longer sock will be made with more strands than a thinner, shorter sock.
The dyeing process is done in pairs, with one set dyed one color and the other set dyed another color. This ensures that when you're looking at two socks right next to each other, they'll be exactly the same.
Once all of your socks have been dyed, they go through a process called the doff. This process removes any dust or debris that might have collected on them during the dyeing process so your socks look brand new and clean!


The history of socks

We've been wearing socks for centuries. In fact, socks have been found in Egyptian tombs that date back to 2000 BC. But it wasn't until 1887 that a British man named John Boyd Dunlop invented what we now call the rubber overshoe, which is essentially an undergarment made from rubber or some other elastic material that protects our feet and ankles from dirt and cold weather. And even though there are many different types of socks today, including crew-length socks, anklet socks, dress socks, and more, they all fall into one of two categories: tube socks or hosiery.


Fun sock facts

No one really knows who invented socks and when. But, socks as we know them today have been around since before Egyptian times. They were originally worn for warmth and to cover feet that had been washed in public baths. Early on, people wore different coloured socks to tell their social status or what they did for a living. Today, there are so many sock styles that no one has time to wear all of them!
We're teaming up with our friends at crazy color dress socks for a sock-of-the-month club! Every month you'll receive 2 pairs of awesome socks designed by our artists. Plus each month will have its own theme! Check out our first themed sock set now available in the shop!


How to wash socks

Washing your socks is important to maintain their appearance and keep them from smelling. Here's a list of sock care tips to help you keep your clothes looking good and feeling great!
- Wash dark colors separately from light colors. - Use a gentle, non-detergent soap, like Woolite or Ivory Snow. - Wash in cold water on the gentle cycle with cool water if you're not sure how hot it should be. - Dry on low heat or air dry. - Don't forget to turn them inside out before washing to avoid pilling and misshapenness!


How to store socks

Socks can often take up a lot of space in our dresser, which is why many people opt to store them in their closets. However, socks can also be stored in shoe boxes and other containers with lids that seal shut. One way to store these socks is by grouping them together by style and color--for example, all blue ankle socks can go into one box while all black crew socks can go into another. This method not only keeps your clothes tidy but also makes it easier to find the right pair when you need it.


Sock care tips

When it comes to taking care of your socks, it's important to treat them with care. It doesn't matter if you wear ankle socks, crew socks, dress socks or funky patterned socks - you'll be happy with your purchase if they're cared for properly. So what are some tips for keeping your socks in great condition?
- Wash your hands before touching any part of the garment because oils from your skin will break down the fibers and cause them to thin out and even run into other garments. - If you see a black line on a white sock, that's called 'pilling' and it means those garments are ready to be replaced.


Troubleshooting sock problems

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