Sock of the Month - The Right Pair for Every Occasion

How many times have you needed a new pair of socks, but couldn’t decide which style or color to buy? It happens to all of us! That’s why sock of the month by Sock Laundry exists – to make your sock-buying experience fun and easy, while helping you keep up with the ever-changing sock trends that come along each season. Each month, we’ll be sending you the perfect pair of colorful, comfortable socks – and you can even choose whether you want our socks subscription service to be monthly or quarterly!

The Basic Types of Men's Dress Socks
Dress socks are an essential part of every man's wardrobe. They can be used to compliment your outfit or make a statement in their own right. With so many options, it's important to find a pair that fits your look and style. Here are some basic sock types that you should have: Basic Dress Socks This is what most people think of when they think dress socks. They're made from a thinner material than athletic socks, but thicker than no-show socks. And although many brands add extra padding for comfort, these are still pretty thin -- just barely thick enough to cover your ankles and dress shoes. White Dress Socks: Because these come standard with business suits, white dress socks provide a classic combination when paired with gray flannel trousers and wingtips. But if you need another reason to buy them? They match everything. Athletic/No-Show SocksThese socks were originally designed to fit inside your sneakers without being visible, making them perfect for any sport activity. Over time, though, their popularity has grown outside of sports circles. These usually feature very little cushioning since there isn't much space inside most shoes anyway. If you want maximum breathability and quick drying capabilities, these socks are a good choice. If not... well, you might prefer another type. Calf High SocksCalf high socks do exactly what they sound like -- they hit just below your knee (usually at mid-calf). Although traditional dress socks may reach up over your calf muscles (especially after sitting), casual styles generally won't go any higher than mid-calf height.

Dress socks for men with sporty shoes
When it comes to men’s dress socks, some men aren’t content to have just any pair. Instead, they take style seriously—and they know exactly what they want when it comes to their wardrobe. With a little help from your sock subscription service, you can find stylish and comfortable men’s dress socks that meet your needs and complement whatever you decide to wear. When it comes time to buy men’s dress socks, try looking for these sock pairs grey with burgundy stripes, charcoal with maroon stripes, maroon-grey with black stripes, dark teal with navy blue strips. If you get them in a sock subscription box , they’ll be fresh every month! The right socks may not seem like much at first glance—but they make all the difference in creating smart outfits that stand out wherever you go. And if pairing was as easy as putting on a matching set of socks! A man knows how important it is to look good—even if he doesn’t always realize why those socks matter so much. Once you start looking closely at socks and how they fit into your life, you won’t want to stop; there are so many colors and designs that even subtle changes can turn an outfit around completely. Luckily, socks subscription services will make sure you have plenty of options for turning heads every day. Looking great isn’t about being flashy or keeping up with anyone else; it’s about making yourself feel confident and powerful when you walk into work or head out to dinner. No matter what kind of day awaits, dressing well helps you face anything.

Longer dress socks
Cuffs are essentially a fashion statement, but there’s more to them than meets the eye. Dress socks don’t come with cuffs because it makes no sense—they’re already long enough that you can tuck them in and never see an exposed toe again. Longer dress socks do, however, make it much easier to slip into shoes without showing any skin. So if you have calves like tree trunks, it may be worth shelling out a little extra cash on some longer socks; they’ll keep your pant leg firmly in place while looking sharp. If they’re too tight or cut into your leg uncomfortably, though, they won’t be any good to anyone. So before going off and buying 10 pairs of dress socks, think about how exactly you’ll be wearing them. Will they be paired with slacks? Jeans? Shorts? How will you wear them—is it even possible for socks to stay up by themselves? Or is it a situation where you’ll need to push them up at least once during the day? Only after you answer these questions should you start shopping for socks. And remember: You might want to buy two different brands and give one a test run first before investing in 10 pair all at once. Also note: Most dress socks are simply thicker socks made from sturdier fabrics meant to support long days of walking and not necessarily tailored towards formal events.

Knee high dress socks
Our knee high dress socks are perfect for a night out on town. Paired with heels, boots or flats, these sock gems show off an elegant side to your personality. They’re comfortable enough to wear all day and they match just about anything. A good option if you want to look put together in a flash. Most people think of socks as basic undergarments worn exclusively to keep our feet warm and protect them from blisters when we hit up our favorite running paths. But those who know how to accessorize like a pro know that ankle socks make great additions to any outfit. Here's why you should invest in getting several pairs: It gives your outfit some added oomph! Ankle socks add flair without too much effort! In addition to classic black, knee-high socks come in a variety of colors and patterns so you can have fun mixing things up by wearing something different each day! The best part is that most places offer socks subscriptions, which means there will always be new styles waiting for you at home every month. You'll never run out of fresh pairings again! If only cotton socks were as exciting...

Wool Dress Socks For Men
Dress socks don’t have to be boring. Instead, they can be stylish and comfortable! Dress socks come in a variety of fabrics and styles, so you can look good while staying warm. Look amazing at work with dress socks from our shop! We’re constantly releasing new styles to make your wardrobe more stylish. Our wool dress socks keep your feet extra toasty during fall and winter months so you never have to suffer through cold toes again. Wool is an extremely durable material, which means these socks will last a long time. You won’t find any super thin or short-lived socks here; just high-quality apparel that will keep you looking great as long as possible. If you get bored with wearing dress socks all year round, we offer plenty of other sock types too! From ankle socks to novelty socks, we have something for everyone. Find out which type of sock you are by taking our Sock Style Quiz. It'll give you suggestions on what types of socks best fit your personality based on fun questions about life and fashion! Are Bamboo Socks Good For Sweaty Feet? Maybe! While bamboo socks certainly aren’t going to cure sweaty feet, some people swear that bamboo fabric helps regulate body temperature.

Dress socks to wear with sneakers
If you’re a sporty guy, dress socks are perfect to wear with your sneakers. Choose colors that complement your shoes, and give off a vibe that says relaxed but put-together. You can also try marbled socks or patterned dress socks to draw even more attention to your sneaks. Have fun and experiment! After all, you only get one set of feet in life so it might as well be comfortable. There are three types of socks to consider when shopping for an athletic wardrobe: performance, everyday wear and winter weather wear. Performance socks provide optimum ventilation; they’re lightweight and feature moisture wicking fibers that pull sweat away from your skin before it starts doing damage. To avoid blisters and odors, opt for everyday use socks made out of wool or synthetic materials like CoolMax®. Not only do winter weather socks keep your feet warm, they offer arch support, too. Look for features like heavy cushioning and extra layers of insulation to help your toes endure temperatures up to 40° below zero without turning blue. With options available in men’s sizes 6–15, you’ll be able to find cool socks that meet any need—whether it's enhancing appearance or promoting a high level of comfort during physical activity. Find something sleek and snazzy to look forward to each month by signing up for our sock of the month program. Each member receives three pairs at random monthly, plus exclusive deals on other socks we think you’ll love. With our fast shipping options, there’s no reason not enjoy quality socks on a regular basis.