Sock of the Month Subscriptions: Why You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks

I don’t mean to sound crass, but can I ask you something? Have you ever seen this face? If so, did you find it as adorable and endearing as I do? Because I can’t get enough of these little guys! I never thought I was the type of person who would be into cute socks. But then I got my first pair from J Crew’s sock of the month subscription and fell in love with them instantly.

Why you should give up sex

When you're in a relationship, one of the things that you think about is what kind of gift will make your partner feel loved. In my experience, sex has been a good choice for this. But now I've found another way to make my partner feel loved - sock subscriptions! A sock subscription is basically a monthly service where they'll send you either cool socks or cute ones depending on what they have in stock at the time. It's like getting a surprise gift every month and it's so easy because all you have to do is check your email every day!

All about sock subscription companies

Sock subscription companies have caught on like wildfire in recent years, with popular brands such as Stance, Happy Socks, and Bombas leading the charge. These companies provide customers with a monthly package that includes hand-picked pairs of socks for men, women, children, or families. But why should you devote your life to cool socks? We've got ten reasons below!

1) Variety is always good. Unlike other clothing items such as t-shirts or jeans that are usually available in only one or two styles per size range (with an occasional exception), sock companies offer different styles and colorways across a wide range of sizes so it's much more likely you'll find something you like.

2) They're inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts.

Best socks for men, women and kids

cool socks for men come in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures and materials. They can be dressy or casual. They can be light-weight cotton or heavyweight wool. Some are even cool athletic socks with a bit of spandex for breathability during those long runs. No matter what kind you're after, we've got you covered with our selection from brands like Darn Tough, Thorlo and Balega

Helpful links on how to start your own sock club.

Setting up a sock club can be easy if you take care of the details ahead of time. There are many subscription services that offer monthly or quarterly delivery, but if you want your socks to come with some extras (think chocolate, candles, wine), then you'll need to do some more work. Here's how:

-Set up an email account for your sock company. A simple name like socksofmonth or sockclub will work just fine.

-Register a domain name that is related to your email address.