Sock of the Month Subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter

sock of the month Subscriptions to Keep Your Feet Warm This Winter

The colder seasons are here, and it’s time to think about how you’re going to keep your feet warm. You can try to go the DIY route and make your own sock of the month club, but with the great number of subscription services out there that cater specifically to those who love comfort and convenience, it’s tough to justify making your own over using an existing service. Here are some of the best sock of the month clubs you can use to get your favorite socks every month without having to put in any extra effort!

Cold Weather Isn’t So Bad

As a kid, there was no place we would rather be than playing outside in a snowstorm—at least once it had stopped raining. But as adults, many of us have lost our childlike enthusiasm for winter weather. And that’s too bad, because cold weather doesn’t have to be such a downer. To avoid getting stuck inside with dreaded cabin fever, consider signing up for a sock-of-the-month subscription. There are plenty of service providers out there but we recommend trying Philosocks as an option (especially if you plan on hosting your New Year's Eve party). Why?

Use Natural Materials Like Wool

Let’s face it: we are creatures of comfort. If something doesn’t make us feel warm and cozy, we’re not likely to put up with it for long, whether that means putting on a thicker jacket or abandoning our favorite sleeping bag in favor of a new one. Choosing natural materials like wool when picking out your winter gear will help you stay comfortable as you face down chilly temperatures. Wool absorbs moisture when you sweat and releases it back into air once you cool off, so it keeps you from feeling clammy or damp even if things get cold outside. Plus, wool is naturally odor-resistant so even if you haven’t washed your socks in awhile (because who has time for that?), they won’t smell too bad!

Watch Out For Foot Odor

It’s easy for our shoes and socks to become moist, dirty, or downright smelly after a few wears. Be sure to wear synthetic socks; these absorb more moisture than cotton so they’re less likely to give you cold feet. If you notice your shoes are becoming smelly, try applying baking soda between wears. Not only will it kill odor-causing bacteria, but it will also get rid of excess moisture in your shoe that can lead to odor over time. And if you don’t want stinky toes (or feet), be sure not to wear closed-toe shoes all day—your feet need fresh air just like every other part of your body!

Avoid Stiff Boots

Stiff leather boots don’t allow your feet to breathe, which can make them feel colder than they really are. When you’re out and about in stiff-soled shoes, try tucking a pair of breathable cotton socks into your shoes, so they warm up a bit while still protecting your feet from cold surfaces like tile floors. If you want to buy new winter boots, consider ones made with fleece lining or other fabric linings—they provide cushioning without making your feet sweat. Another option is boot linings that fit inside leather boots: They add a lot of warmth without losing any flexibility.

Don’t Let Cold Numb Your Toes

Don’t let cold weather cripple your toes; these are a few tips that will keep your feet warm and cozy without making you feel like you’re wearing burlap sacks on your feet. For one, make sure to keep a pair of good socks in every coat and bag you own. Even if you’re not going out into below-freezing temperatures (or maybe especially if you aren’t), it can still be chilly outside, so make sure there is always an extra pair on hand just in case. When putting on socks or boots, start with slightly damp ones before putting them through another cycle in your dryer: Doing so will help stave off chills throughout your day.

Prepare for Colds

There’s nothing more annoying than getting sick when you least expect it. If you can’t avoid colds, do your best to prepare for them by keeping warm. If your feet are cold, chances are you’re going to get sick faster and harder. An easy way to keep them warm is with a sock of the month subscription; simply sign up for a monthly shipment and make sure your socks stay fresh and clean every month. It sounds too good to be true, but it really works! The pair above is from WashOUTFITters – one of our favorites for these kinds of subscriptions. They have socks in all sizes, styles, and colors so you’ll never run out of options again. Plus they have fun themes like Treat Yo Self that make each month feel special. And if you don't love what they send? You can return it free of charge (and they'll even pay for shipping).

Stay Active Even In Cold Temperatures

When you’re outside, in cold temperatures, your body becomes more prone to getting sick because it’s not functioning at peak performance. Staying active in cold weather is essential for staying healthy; it gets your blood pumping and prevents you from feeling sluggish. The best way to stay warm while also maintaining a healthy lifestyle is with regular exercise. Find a nearby gym or explore some winter sports, such as skiing or snowboarding—just be sure that if you decide on a winter sport, that you sign up for lessons first (or make sure to go during daylight hours). If you don’t want to take such a big commitment on your hands, however, consider signing up for a sock of the month subscription.