Sock of the Month Subscriptions: The Five Best Ways to Fold Your Socks

If you love receiving surprises in the mail, then">sock of the month subscriptions are for you. Many subscription services exist, but we’ve singled out the five best based on quality, price, and variety offered. Whether you’re getting socks for yourself or shopping for someone else, one of these five sock subscription services will make an excellent gift! They all make excellent stocking stuffers too, just saying.

Pile them in a sock holder

When you're done for the day, grab your dirty laundry and add it to a pile. When you have all your clothes in one place, it will be easier to fold them and put them away.

When you are folding socks, try one of these five methods to keep them organized.

-The Philosockphy Method: This is when you turn the sock inside out before folding it in half lengthwise with the toe on top. Then unfold it and fold one side over so that they meet in the center forming a U. Turn this into a rectangle with two sides folded up and then fold those two ends towards each other, tucking them together under where the toes were originally located.

Roll them into a ball

You may not know it, but there are a lot of theories behind how you should fold your socks. Some people like to roll them up into a ball and others prefer folding them in half. Philosockphy will tell you that there's no wrong way to fold your socks, but that it's important for the sock order (odd on one side, even on the other) to be correct.

You'll also want to avoid any pleats or creases. This is because when they're unfolded, they'll create a permanent wrinkle in your sock which will be hard to flatten out later on.

While every family has their own sock-folding philosophy, here are five different ways you can fold your socks without any wrinkles or creases.

Place each pair on top of each other

1. Philosockphy Philosophers have long debated which is better, right or wrong. Similarly, in the world of sock folding, you must ask yourself which is better - top down or bottom up? When it comes to this dilemma, there are no right answers. It's simply a matter of personal preference. But there are a few tips that can help you decide on your preferred method so you can get on with life and stop thinking about things that don't matter.

Roll them together from heel to toe

Washing and drying your socks not only makes them smell better, but it also helps them last longer. However, when you're done with a wash cycle, you'll need to fold your freshly-cleaned socks so they can air dry overnight. To get started, grab the first sock from the top of your pile and place it on the bed or table in front of you. Next, fold one end over onto itself so that it touches the other side's heel. Repeat for each side until all four edges are folded neatly into one another. Now roll up from heel to toe until you have a cylinder shaped object in front of you that is mostly uniform in width from end to end.

Use an old toilet paper roll

Instead of bending your socks, try rolling them up with a toilet paper roll. This is an easy and effective way to store your socks without them getting lost in the shuffle.

Use a toilet paper roll as a guide for how big your sock should be when it's rolled up, then just tuck it inside the roll. You can even color code socks by using different colored rolls for each day of the week or for kids' clothes in different colors.