Sock of the Month Subscriptions: The Do's and Don'ts of No Show Socks

sock of the month Subscriptions: The Do's and Don'ts of No Show Socks

How do you know if sock of the month subscriptions are right for you? That depends on your preferences and needs! In this guide, you’ll find everything you need to know about sock subscriptions before making your decision!

The do’s

We recommend socks that are easy to clean and durable, so we really like Philosockphy’s Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) deal on basic black crew socks. These plain-colored socks are all you need to start a sock of the month subscription—you can always add color later if you want to make your collection more sophisticated. Another great style is their Low Profile no show style. Not only do they stay hidden underneath your favorite shoes, but they’re also made from breathable nylon that won’t get stinky after lots of wear.

Other options

Over-the-calf, over-the-knee or tall socks; try not to buy too many pairs at once because you'll be less likely to wear them if they're cluttering up your sock drawer. Stash a few in your gym bag, desk drawer or car for when you need them. Keep an extra pair in your suitcase for long trips; not only will they prevent stinky feet from creeping into hotel rooms, but hotel laundry service isn't great (think about it). When purchasing a second pair for travel purposes, stick with an identical brand/style as your first pair so that each one matches perfectly. Lastly, make sure to hang dry all no show socks - high heat will shrink them!


Philosockphy stands behind their philosophy that socks should be wearable outside as well as inside a pair of shoes. This is part of why they come out with new styles every month, so you have something different to wear all year long. Philosockphy also believes that sock companies tend to make socks just for looks, without actually incorporating them into real life. Their tagline is, Wear Them All Day Long. So whether you're working in an office or going out for a jog, Philosockphy wants to make sure your feet are comfortable and stylish no matter what! To buy your own monthly package from Philosockphy, click here!