Sock of the Month Subscriptions: The Best Way to Up Your Sock Game

Post Summary: Whether you’re looking to add something to your monthly gift list, or you’re just tired of wearing the same pair of socks with every outfit, sock subscription services are an excellent way to up your sock game and have fun in the process! Here are some popular sock subscription services that you might want to try out, whether as a gift or for yourself!

Why socks matter

Why do people spend so much money on clothes they only wear once? It's because they have a personal Philosockphy. And, when it comes to socks, this Philosockphy is completely justified. Gone are the days of boring white tube socks or one-size-fits-all dress socks for men and women. Today, there are endless options for style conscious customers that want a pair of socks that match their current mood or outfits...

What makes a good sock

The best socks are comfortable, durable, and stylish. It's no surprise that so many people have taken up">sock of the month subscriptions in order to get a new pair delivered each month. For example, Philosockphy sends you a new pair each month with carefully selected colors and patterns. You can even opt for a customized sock where you choose what kind of material and length you want. This is an excellent way to up your sock game without having to search for the perfect pair on your own!

Where to find great socks

Dress socks seem like they were made for days when you’re not in the office. They’re dressier, are often made from higher quality fabrics, and come with a little bit more flair than your average pair of athletic socks. Dress socks can be worn on their own or as an accent piece to your outfit. The perfect pair can complete any look, whether it be formal or casual.

How much should you pay for socks

When it comes to socks, there is no such thing as too many. But for those with a small budget and large sock appetite, subscription boxes are the best way to up your sock game. The three most popular subscriptions are Splendid Socks, Fridgedairer and Knit Picks. All three offer socks at varying levels of thickness and length while also providing a different variety depending on personal taste. For example, Fridgedairer offers everything from knee-high to ankle-length in a variety of fabrics and patterns while Splendid Socks offers only knee-high socks in various colors and patterns. Knit Picks also offers both knee-high and ankle-length in a variety of colors but they specialize in wool or other natural fibers.

4 Awesome sock subscription boxes

1. (Name) - This is a monthly sock subscription that sends you high quality, designer socks for $10 per month. 2. (Name) - This is a monthly sock subscription that sends you pairs of fun socks for only $12 per month. 3. (Name) - This is a monthly sock subscription that delivers you handcrafted luxury socks in your choice of style and size every month for $14 per month 4. (Name) -This is a bi-monthly sock subscription box that will send you two pairs of high quality men's or women's socks every other month for $19 per pair