Sock of the Month Subscriptions: The Best Way to Keep Your Feet Fashionable

sock of the month Subscriptions: The Best Way to Keep Your Feet Fashionable

You know how they say that you never appreciate what you have until it’s gone? It’s true! I couldn’t figure out why my feet kept getting so wet, or why my shoes would get all smelly after just one day! Now that I have this sock of the month subscription, though, I can’t even remember what it was like to be dry and stinky-free! Learn about this awesome subscription service and find out how to get your own sock of the month today! Or do you prefer an underwear of the month?

- Funky Socks

There’s always room for socks in a man’s life. Socks are one of those necessities that can also act as a fashion statement or a signifier of who you are. As with many items, however, it’s possible to go overboard and buy so many pairs that they get lost in your laundry or under your bed. A sock subscription is an ideal way to stay on top of any extra supply while also keeping up with current trends; you can have different pairs sent each month and then decide if they get added to your regular wardrobe.

- Variety

Each month, sock-of-the-month clubs ship an assortment of three or more pairs of socks. This keeps your feet warm, dry and stylish. Unlike grocery store socks (which are usually recycled and overpriced), each pair is designed to match a different outfit. It’s likely that no two months will ever have matching sock designs! As a result, you’ll never again have to wear mismatched socks in public; you can feel good about knowing that your feet are always on fashion’s cutting edge.

- Quality

If you’re going to spend money on socks, you might as well get quality ones. sock of the month offers subscribers different levels (Casual, Fancy and Footwear) depending on your desired look, so there are options for every style. They all have reinforced heels and toes and they’re specifically made to be comfortable. Not only will they give your feet a soft feel with each wear, but also help protect them from blisters caused by shoes that don’t fit properly. Plus, you can exchange any pair if it doesn’t suit your needs or wants for a month by sending it back in its original packaging with no questions asked! - Variety: If variety is indeed a spice of life, then we want in on it!

- Comfort

Have you ever gotten a pair of new socks? They're probably really itchy, right? But after you've worn them for a few hours, they're actually really comfortable. That's because your feet get all nice and squishy in them. Comfort is key when it comes to socks, obviously. You don't want anything that will rub up against your skin or make your feet uncomfortable in any way. So if you want comfortable socks, you should look for ones made out of Merino wool or cotton.

- Style

Choosing a subscription service allows you to stay up-to-date with your style for one low price. Sock subscriptions allow you to choose a style that best fits your personality. (The following examples are sock styles based on shoe size.) This makes it simple when deciding what socks will match each pair of shoes in your closet, no matter what clothing item they’re going with. No more worrying about whether or not you have matching socks! Each month, another pair is delivered right to your door step so that you always have fresh new socks in case someone wants to see them; and if not, there’s no reason not to add them into your own fashion collection.

- Fun Designs

Not only are sock subscription services fun, but they are also packed with different types of socks. Whether you love thick warm socks for cold days or bright bold colors that pop with your spring outfit - there's a subscription service out there just for you. Plus, many sock-of-the-month services have little gimmicks like holiday themed socks or a fun design on your heel (for all those backless shoes). So whether you're trying to add some fun patterns to your wardrobe or get ready for Valentine's Day and St. Patrick's Day - one sock subscription is sure to please! Philosockphy at its finest...oh and did we mention they make great gifts?!