Sock of the Month Subscriptions: The Best Gift for the Sock Lover in Your Life">sock of the month Subscriptions: The Best Gift for the Sock Lover in Your Life

What do you get the person who has everything? How about something they’ve never tried before! If you know someone who loves socks, why not give them socks as a gift? More specifically, why not give them the gift of sock-of-the-month club subscriptions? Whether they prefer knee-highs, anklets, or ankle socks, there’s sure to be one or two sock subscriptions that will put a smile on their face this holiday season! Plus, everyone needs some new socks to bring out their most stylish looks!

For the Cocktail Lovers

Philosockphy is a monthly sock subscription that sends you one pair of socks, and one cocktail recipe every month. It's a great gift idea for any occasion - Christmas, birthdays, weddings, or just to say thank you.

For the Crazy Cat Lady

I'm not sure who said that cats are only good for being pets, but I think they're wrong. If you have a cat lover on your list, there's a ton of great stuff out there to make them happy. One of my favorites is a sock subscription company called Philosockphy. As you may have guessed, they specialize in socks with adorable cat patterns. They offer one-time subscriptions or quarterly subscriptions so your gift lasts all year long!

For the Tea Drinkers

If you're looking to get a loved one an exciting gift this holiday season, consider getting them a sock subscription. Philosockphy offers socks that are hand-dyed with organic tea and features designs from designers all over the world. You can choose from six different subscriptions that range from 3 months to 12 months long. This is a great gift idea for someone who loves socks but also wants to be able to mix up their wardrobe every now and then!

For the Yogis

If you're looking for a gift idea, a sock subscription is perfect. There are a few different companies that offer monthly sock subscriptions and they can provide fresh socks straight to your door every month. This is great for people who want to wear new socks all the time or don't have time to go shopping themselves. It's also perfect for people who are always on-the-go and don't have time to stop by a store and pick up new socks.

For the Sports Lovers

There are many different types of socks that can suit a variety of needs. Some people like to wear fun socks, others prefer the comfort and warmth, and some want to show off their personality with their clothing. Regardless of which type you choose, there's a sock out there for you!

1) For runners and other athletes- sport socks can provide support without extra weight.

2) For those who like to show off their personality through their clothes- dress socks come in all sorts of colors and styles.

3) For those who want a bit more comfort while they're running or working on something- thick knit wool socks provide cushy warmth that won't make your feet sweat.

For All Around Craziness

Whether you are looking to purchase socks as a Christmas present or just want to treat someone special to a monthly surprise, these">sock of the month subscriptions are perfect. With such an amazing variety of options and styles, you will be sure to find something perfect for that special person in your life!