Sock of the Month Subscriptions: The 5 Best Ways to Style Fun Socks with Any Outfit

sock of the month Subscriptions: The 5 Best Ways to Style Fun Socks with Any Outfit

To some, socks are just socks. To others, they’re something so much more – especially if you’re a sock of the month subscriber! sock of the month subscriptions will introduce you to a variety of fun new socks and give you the opportunity to add unique pieces to your wardrobe each month. Here are 5 sock of the month services that we love and think you’ll enjoy as well!

1) Casual & Smart

You might be inclined to think that socks only go well with casual clothing, but that’s not true. A pair of fun socks can help you look great no matter what you’re wearing—and if you find a pair that match your favorite suit, even better! So when selecting fun socks for your sock subscription, don’t be afraid to reach for something out of your comfort zone; it could open up your style in new and exciting ways. For example, instead of sticking with a solid color every month, consider trying something patterned like argyle or some wild polka dots.

2) Formal & Smart

A well-dressed man is always a sight to behold. In fact, if someone's dressed impeccably and you know they aren't famous or famous-adjacent, there's a good chance they follow Philosockphy, a company that specializes in dressing fun socks. If you want your socks to be as cool as their customers', here are five tips that'll get you started.

3) Formal & Sporty

Just like your favorite sport coat or dress slacks, a pair of formal socks can instantly elevate your look. Throw on a pair of solid black, charcoal grey, or maroon socks and you can’t go wrong. Look for fun designs that bring playfulness to an otherwise conservative color palette (the sock above is from Philosockphy). Pair these colored socks with dark denim and a button-down shirt and you’re ready for anything from a board meeting to an upscale happy hour! Looking for some guidance? Here are some great sock brands that offer formal/sporty options: Joslin (my favorite), Philosockphy, Smartwool, Stance (tie dyed or argyle only!).

4) Casual & Athletic

Show off your socks at a baseball game or gym class. These styles are made for comfort and breathability, making them perfect for activewear. You can also try wearing one color on each foot! Pair them with athletic shoes, like a pair of fresh white trainers. Think about it—it’s an easy way to add some style (without really trying). If you’re feeling extra bold, you can even match your sock color to your team's colors! Make sure they’re fun, lightweight pairs that wick away moisture and dry fast. These types of socks tend to have mesh panels in key areas, such as around your ankles. This helps keep things breezy when you’re sweating up a storm during sports practice or games. They're great for keeping cool while still looking stylish and well put together. You can find these types of socks in stores or online at places like JCPenney, Kohl's, Macy's, Nike and Under Armour.

5) Dress Up Your Shoes

Matching your socks and shoes is so important. This will complete any outfit, whether you're wearing a business suit or a casual pair of shorts and t-shirt. Have fun choosing unique socks to add some flair! In addition, match your sock color and design to either bring out or tone down colors in your outfit. You can also get some extra use out of your favorite pair by wearing them as mittens when it's cold outside. Stylish socks are perfect for everyday wear, but they are also amazing gift ideas! Every guy needs a fun pair in his drawer. For example, buy them for Dad on Father's Day or even Christmas morning!