Sock of the Month Subscriptions: The 5 Best Ways to Fold Your Socks

sock of the month Subscriptions: The 5 Best Ways to Fold Your Socks

To be honest, you can’t really go wrong when it comes to sock subscription boxes. There are tons of them out there, and all of them offer something different in terms of style and quality. However, some do stand out as being particularly awesome. If you’re looking to get into the sock subscription game or are just on the lookout for new sock ideas, here are 5 great ways to fold your socks that you may want to try!

1) Pants

Whether you’re trying to look sharp in your suit, or simply keep your pants organized and wrinkle-free in your closet, there are plenty of ways for folding. Now, we’re not going to get into what style is best for wearing on a daily basis—that’s a whole other argument—but if you want organization options when it comes time to clean up those drawers, we can help. Behold! Five sock-folding methods that will keep everything from business casual to dressy under control. Enjoy! (No matter how you wear ‘em!)

2) T-shirts

As fun as they are, t-shirts can get pretty messy when packed and folded in drawers. There are a few ways you can fold your t-shirts to make sure they’re not wrinkled and, ideally, so that your stack looks stylish enough for display on a shelf. Here are four different ways you can fold your shirts: (1) accordion style, (2) short/long style, (3) crisscross style and (4) envelope style. While they may seem simple and straightforward, there is actually some variety among these approaches. Whether you’re using them for folding laundry or folding clothes for storage or display purposes, there’s a method that will work best for each situation.

3) Underwear

This is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many people (even some men) don’t wear underwear. Again, you might be wondering why. Well, maybe they don’t like how it feels or they have religious reasons; what do we know? But if you don’t wear underwear and then leave them on your floor for weeks on end, that isn’t only gross – it might cause an infection in your other pair of pants! It sounds ridiculous but it does happen. So take our advice and just pull ‘em up every once in a while.

4) Sweaters

Sweaters can be worn in many different ways. There’s just something about them that says warmth, comfort, and casual elegance. But sometimes a pair of basic socks isn’t enough—you might need something more than just a plain pair. If you want your feet and legs to stay warm and comfortable all year long, sock subscriptions are for you! Here are five great ways to fold your socks for easy access later on when you need them.

5) Organizing them by color

There are many different ways you can go about folding your socks, but one common method is by color. Using this method, you can be sure that each set is matched and makes it easier to grab a pair quickly in the morning when you’re running late. Simply separate all of your socks into pairs and then place each matching pair into a sandwich bag or sock pouch. You’ll also be able to easily locate matching pairs without having to rummage through everything. Once you’ve folded all of your socks, lay them out on your bed or in a drawer in neat rows so they look nice for as long as possible. In addition, wrapping them up will protect them from getting messed up by other items within your laundry basket.