Sock of the Month Subscriptions: The 10 Best No Show Socks

sock of the month Subscriptions: The 10 Best No Show Socks

You may not be able to see them, but socks are essential to any outfit that needs to be both fashionable and comfortable. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, showing off your cool kicks or your awesome ankle tattoos, socks play an important role in overall style and comfort. If you love fashion and you love feeling your most comfortable in what you wear, there’s no better way to combine the two than with a sock of the month subscription! No matter what type of sock subscription you choose, here are some quick tips for wearing no show socks like a pro.

1) Know Your Shoe Size
Measuring your feet properly is a must if you want to wear no show socks effectively. You’ll want to start with a measuring tape and measure both feet, right at their widest point. Generally speaking, men should buy shoes one size larger than their actual shoe size (i.e., if you’re a 7.5 get an 8), while women should buy one half size smaller than their actual shoe size (i.e., if you’re a 6 get a 5 1/2). For example, if you wear an 8, getting an 8 1⁄2 will make sure that your no show socks fit well!

2) Choose Fabrics Wisely
There are a lot of sock fabrics on today’s market, each with its own unique attributes. Some socks are better for athletic use, some for casual, and others for work wear. If you aren’t sure which one is best for your wardrobe and lifestyle, try them all out and pick which ones you like best; it might take a few tries to find what you love. Once you have selected your favorites (and even if you haven’t), remember to wash new socks before wearing them; some washing machines can damage new fabrics and cause them to pill or fade prematurely.

3) Get Great Fit
First and foremost, you want to ensure that your no-show socks fit correctly. If they’re too loose, it’s easy for them to slide around and even wrinkle your shoes—which nobody wants. But if they’re too tight or cut off circulation in any way, that can cause problems as well. In fact, we’ve read a few accounts from people whose socks have caused clots when worn improperly. To avoid any issues, keep an eye on how long you wear your no-show socks (it doesn't hurt to have a limit like no more than six hours per day) and always wash them before wearing again.

4) Differentiate between brands and fabrics
A common misconception is that no show socks are made from lesser quality fabrics, but that’s actually not true. It all comes down to differentiating between brands and fabrics. People often assume if a company uses more luxurious materials, then they charge more for their products, but it’s not always the case. Companies can get away with charging a higher price because they have better marketing or distribution—not because they use superior materials.

5) Exercise Caution with White Sneakers
Sneakers are designed to be comfortable and stylish, but for many people, that also means they’re not ideal for long days on your feet. If you do wear sneakers at work, however, make sure you’re not wearing white; these shoes will become visible as you start to sweat (and no one wants to see that). Some brands will bleach your socks over time anyway. If you want a white sneaker, opt for a light gray or cream pair instead. Of course, if wearing show socks isn’t an option at your workplace, consider clocking out a few minutes early so you can change into different shoes when you get home—no one ever said life was fair.

6) Wash Them Often
Washing no-show socks every day helps maintain their color and shape and keeps them smelling fresh. Although you’ll be wearing them under your shoes, so no one else will see, it’s nice to have a clean pair of socks each day. Plus, dirty feet are a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to unpleasant odors. When washing no-show socks, turn them inside out in order to avoid any shrinkage or fading that may occur from washing in warm water and then drying in direct sunlight or on a dryer's high heat setting.

7) Consider How Often You’ll Wear Them
It seems like a no-brainer to purchase socks that you’ll wear frequently, but it’s surprising how many people overlook that simple fact. Consider whether or not you really want to purchase a pair of socks only to put them away in your sock drawer never to be worn again. If you don’t plan on wearing them very often, save yourself some money and buy a less expensive style. Also consider how much wear and tear your new no show socks will go through; running shoes and high heels are going to put your socks through more stress than gym shoes and work boots.

8) Save Money While Getting Quality No Shows
Save money while getting quality no shows by getting them via a sock subscription. While there are many, each has its own Philosockphy on design and pricing, but all offer high-quality, fashionable options for every budget. There’s also a wide variety of brands to choose from, including Strideline, Stance Socks and Happy Feet Club which all have reasonably priced premium lines as well as cost effective options. With sites like sockshopx offering a new selection in both men’s and women’s styles every month, it’s easy to get excited about sock season again.

9) Select Performance over Fashion
While there’s no denying that socks are an understated fashion statement, functionality is important, too. That’s why we recommend Philosockphy socks for women and men—they’re designed to maximize comfort with premium performance-enhancing materials. By minimizing friction between skin and sock, you’ll avoid a world of discomfort in your shoe; it's also worth noting that Philosockphy offers strong resistance to odor, meaning you'll never need to worry about smelling too strongly after a long day at work or traveling. Overall, they're ideal if your goal is high performance without sacrificing comfort or style.

10) See how other people wear their no shows
When it comes to getting dressed, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all fashion solution. We all dress for our own personal tastes, lifestyles and comfort levels. When it comes to wearing no show socks, for example, you might find that you prefer more structure and support than someone else does—but you can still benefit from tips from other people who’ve worn them before. In fact, there are plenty of places where you can ask questions and get honest answers about your clothes.