Sock Of The Month Subscriptions For The Sharp Dresser">socks subscriptions and the">sock of the month Club: 10 Tips for Wearing No Show Socks

What’s easier than pulling out your sock drawer, picking out one pair of socks, and putting them on? A lot of things, including folding your laundry or taking the trash out! However, if you wear no-show socks often enough to justify getting them via subscription (and many men do), there are ways to get more mileage out of those little understated accessories. Here are 10 tips for wearing no show socks to get you started.

1) What is a No Show sock?

No show socks are a type of sock that is designed to be worn with shoes. They typically sit around the ankle or foot, and do not come up higher than your shoe. This type of sock will not be seen by anyone other than you. No show socks offer comfort, style, and protection against blisters. If you want to buy some no show socks but don't know where to start, read on!

No show socks are typically made from a thinner material than regular socks as they are meant to be worn under your shoes; this helps them stay in place better. The material is stretchy which also allows it to fit comfortably on different sized feet.

2) Check reviews before buying your socks

Philosophy is what makes Philosockphy socks special. The company's founders have a philosophy that goes beyond just making socks, to solving problems with creativity. They believe in using their creativity to solve problems that people are facing in order to make life better, easier and more fulfilling. One problem they wanted to solve was having no-show socks that stay on your feet--and they did it! The other problem they wanted to solve was the hassle of buying new socks every month or so. By signing up with Philosockphy you can get a monthly subscription of one pair of fresh, new no show socks delivered right to your doorstep. With Philosockphy, you'll never need to buy another pack again!

3) Shoe selection

First, you'll need to choose your shoe. Any type will do, but it's important to make sure that you have a wide enough opening in the front. You don't want to have to take off your shoes every time you put on or take off your socks because it's too tight. Look for shoes with a wider opening in the front. Once you've selected your shoe, find some no show socks that will fit inside them comfortably. Next, place one sock on one foot and then place that foot inside your shoe while holding onto that sock. Pull up gently on both ends of the sock until it reaches the top of the shoe.

4) Determine proper fit

No show socks are often designed to be worn with shoes and other footgear that don't have an opening in them. If you have wide feet, this may not be a great option because they won't fit as well. It's important to find the right size sock based on your shoe size. You want to buy socks that come up high enough to cover your heel but not so far up that they create a visible gap between your ankle and your sock. For example, if you wear size 12 shoes, you should purchase size Large no show socks.

5) Fit socks to your feet

Too-tight socks can cause circulation to be constricted, which can lead to problems like varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, as well as skin irritation. A good way to figure out if your socks are too tight is by comparing them to your fingers. If you can't fit a finger between your sock and your ankle or foot, then they may be too tight. Make sure that you measure both feet before buying socks in order to determine which size will be best for you. If you're experiencing blisters on your toes or heels, it could mean that the socks don't have enough padding in those areas. Try wearing a different brand that has more cushioning there so that they don't rub against your skin while walking around all day long.

6) Avoid wearing sandals

No show socks are a great way to keep your feet comfortable while also avoiding unwanted foot odor. But there's one major drawback to wearing no-show socks--they're hidden! Even if you're not self-conscious about your feet, it can be hard to find a pair that doesn't slip off or bunch up underneath your shoes. The good news is that there are many brands making no show socks these days, so it's easy to find a pair that will stay put while being hidden from view. Plus, some companies offer sock subscriptions or">sock of the month clubs, so you won't have to worry about running out of pairs before they're due in the mail!

7) Wear them with pride!

No show socks are an excellent way to keep your feet warm and stylish. These days, you can purchase no show socks in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. You can even find no show socks with extra padding on the soles to help combat foot fatigue or no show socks that are reinforced with silicone bands at the toes to prevent slipping. And while it's true that most experts recommend wearing shoes with a little bit of heel lift, there are plenty of occasions where low-heeled shoes like flats or loafers will do just fine. If you're interested in looking your best while staying comfy on your feet, then take a look below at our list of ten tips for wearing no show socks!

8) Matching outfits = easy matchy-matchy socks

Wearing no show socks is a trend that most people are embracing. These socks can be worn with any type of shoe, whether it's flats, boots, or dress shoes. Many people like this style because they don't have to worry about seeing their feet while they walk. But, it can be hard to find an outfit that matches your no show socks! This is where sock subscriptions come in handy! There are a few different subscription services that specialize in matching outfits for you with your new pair of socks.

9) How to wear toe socks without anyone knowing

Wear socks that are just a little bit too short. This will make your toes difficult to see. Wear dark socks with light shoes, or vice versa. Wear low cut shoes or sandals with high socks. Put on a shoe liner sock before putting on your other sock, which prevents the toes from slipping out past the edge of the insole. Wear lace-up shoes if you have wide feet so that your heel stays down in place better and it is harder to see past your foot as well.

10) Wear Them with Shoes, Boots, or Sandals...or Barefoot!

No show socks are a great way to dress up or dress down any outfit. They're especially helpful if you have a job that requires you to wear shoes, boots, or sandals. However, they can be worn barefoot too! If your feet get cold easily, no show socks are the perfect solution!

Tip 1. Wear them with shoes, boots, or sandals...or barefoot! Tip 2. Match your no show socks to other clothing in your outfit. For example, if you're wearing black shoes with a navy blue skirt it might be best to wear a solid black pair of no show socks. Tip 3. Don't forget to factor in how often you'll wear the no show sock when selecting what color it should be!