Sock of the Month Subscriptions: A Guide to Wear No Show Socks

Using">sock of the month subscriptions will take all the guesswork out of choosing your next pair of socks! Simply subscribe to one of these services and you’ll receive a different pair of socks every month, which you can keep or give away as gifts. Here are 5 things to know about">sock of the month subscriptions before you buy your first one!

Getting over your sock fears

No show socks are a staple in every man's wardrobe. If you're feeling a little shy about them, here's some advice on how to make them your new best friend.

1) What are no show socks? This one is easy. No show socks have a low height and they come up just below the ankles, so they aren't visible when you wear them with sneakers or boots. 2) What do I wear no show socks with? These days, no show socks are worn with athletic shoes and dress shoes like oxfords and brogues for a sleek look that keeps your feet warm without looking too bulky. 3) When should I wear no show socks? There's really no rule about this one!

Choosing the right pair for you

No show socks are a great way to keep your feet warm during cold weather. But what if you don't know which pair will best suit your needs? Well, we've got some questions for you that might help you decide which no show sock is right for you.

-Do you need a high quality pair or is cost more important?

-Do they need to be stylish?

-Do they need to have grip on the bottom? -How long do they need to last?

-Are comfort and breathability important considerations?

Where to buy no show socks?

No show socks are a necessary part of your wardrobe. From ankle socks to thigh high socks, there is a no show sock for every occasion and outfit. But, which ones should you buy?

1) Philosockphy makes two types of no show socks, one that can be worn with or without shoes and one that can only be worn without shoes because they have non-slip grips on the bottom. The former is perfect for looking stylish and staying warm in winter while the latter is best for wearing outside during cold weather. 2) Shop at Philosockphy's website to find these no show styles today!

No show socks sizing guide

The best way to find your size is by measuring your feet from toe to heel. If you’re a half size, round up. There are five different sizes for men and women, so here’s the sizing guide:

Small- 4-5.5 in (10-14 cm) Medium-6-7 in (15-18 cm) Large-8-9 in (20-23 cm) Extra Large 10+ inches

FAQ’s about no show socks

How do I keep my no show socks from slipping?

No show socks are designed to stay put, but sometimes they move around. Here are a few things you can try that have helped us at Philosockphy.

- Make sure your socks are not too tight and that there is enough space for your toes. If the sock is too tight, it will pull down on your foot and make it difficult for you to keep your toes straight, which means it might slip off. - Consider wearing a thicker sock underneath (we suggest wearing two pair of no show socks). You can also try wrapping each toe with medical tape before putting on your no show socks or using stickers or bandages in certain areas where you need extra support.

Getting used to wearing no shows

The first time I tried wearing no shows, it was incredibly uncomfortable. I felt like my toes were all jammed up together. It took me a few days before I finally got used to them and now I can't imagine going back. The most important thing is to keep trying different brands and sock styles until you find one that works for you. Once you figure out your perfect pair, stick with them!