Sock of the Month Subscription- Which One Is Best For You?

sock of the month Subscription- Which One Is Best For You?

There are several companies that offer sock of the month subscriptions, so how do you know which one to choose? In this guide, we look at the pros and cons of each company so you can decide which one fits your lifestyle best. The list includes: Bombas, Strideline, Sock Panda, Sock Fancy, and Sock Club.

What you get with each subscription

Every sock subscription is different, but all come with at least one pair of socks delivered monthly. The specific types and styles vary depending on which subscription you sign up for. Some companies, like Happy Socks and Sock Madness deliver a themed sock each month. Other subscriptions send out a variety of colors and styles so there’s always something new to wear. And still others offer packs that feature your favorite sports teams or holiday themes. There’s no way to predict exactly what you’ll get when you subscribe to any given service, but all are great for showing off your personality through fashion. Every subscription is also an opportunity to expand your sock wardrobe and ensure that you don’t run out of fresh pairs during laundry day!

How often do they ship boxes

Once a month, 3x/month, every other month, or quarterly? If they don’t ship boxes frequently enough, you won’t be able to adequately coordinate your sock wardrobe and you might end up overspending because you always have to buy new socks. This can be especially hard if you buy seasonal hosiery like socks that are only appropriate for winter. Some sock subscriptions will send a whole year’s worth of boxes so you don’t have to make any decisions; others will send them randomly throughout the year as they’re able.

Cost of each subscription

While cost varies for each sock subscription, most cost about $9-$12 per month. For example, if you sign up for Stance socks, you'll pay $9.99/month to have a variety of colors and patterns sent straight to your door. If you go with Sock Club, they only offer their socks at $10/month (with annual membership), but they let you choose three out of five pairs that are sent each month based on your preferences. With KnitCrate's subscription service, you're paying $29.95/month for 5 pair of high quality socks—which is still less than what many other sock subscriptions charge!

Things to consider when choosing a sock subscription

There are many sock subscription companies out there! They offer a wide range of services. Some even deliver high quality socks, while others do not. It is important to know what kind of socks you want to buy and how often you wish to receive new pairs before deciding on which subscription service to subscribe to. There are so many things to consider when choosing a sock subscription that it can get overwhelming at times, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for in a sock service. The best way I found was sorting through them was going through each one individually and thinking about what mattered most for me.

Comparison chart of socks

Sock subscriptions are among many that are perfect for geeks and entrepreneurs. They can be great gifts, and they’re also a fun way to build up your sock collection while saving money in the process. If you’re looking to subscribe, you may find yourself unsure which sock subscription is best for you. To help determine which one is right for you, we’ve made a comparison chart outlining some of their basic features. Check it out below

Final thoughts on sock subscriptions

There are a few different ways to go with sock subscriptions. One way is to get a subscription for yourself, and another is to subscribe as a gift for someone else. The third is if you want socks but don’t want to bother with subscribing, there are plenty of ways that you can purchase nice socks at a reasonable price. Regardless of which you choose, I think you’ll find that sock subscriptions are an affordable and practical option when it comes to having new socks every month!