Sock of the Month Subscription: What Your Tie Says About You, According to Socks


What’s your favorite tie? If you have one, I bet it has a unique pattern or color combination that distinguishes it from the rest of your ties collection. If you don’t have any ties, or if you just don’t like wearing ties, you can always get into the spirit of this article and pick out a colorful sock to wear with your new pair of chino shorts! Instead of wondering about your personality based on what you choose to wear on your head, let SockofTheMonth be your source for socks that will tell people about you and how crazy you really are underneath it all!


Choosing your tie

It's important to choose your tie according to your personality and personal style. Some men prefer using their ties as a way of expressing themselves through color and pattern. For example, if you're feeling bold and want to make a statement with your outfit, go for a bright tie that stands out. If you're feeling more conservative or trying not to stand out too much in a crowd, try wearing a solid-colored or patterned tie.
For those who are still unsure what suits them best, we recommend giving our new sock of the month club a try! We offer subscriptions for both men and women with an ever-changing selection from fun socks for men like colorful ankle socks to crazy color dress socks.


Know your options

There are many options for men's socks available online. If you have a favorite color you like to wear on your feet, there is a sock club out there for you. There are ones that will send you the same colored socks each month or one with a different color each month. If you are looking for something fun and easy as a gift, an awesome socks club is perfect! There are also options in between these two extremes. Some companies offer monthly sock subscriptions which will give you two pairs of socks- one dressy and one casual- every month. It's also possible to get just one pair per month; so if you're not sure how often they'll be wearing their new socks it might be best to start off with this option.


Wearing it right

We all have a favorite piece of clothing in our closet. There's that one pair of jeans or dress shirt that you can't live without. We wear it over and over again because we love it! But what if your favorite clothes weren't just limited to tops and bottoms?
It's time to introduce you to the world of socks. Yes, socks! They can be so much more than something your Grandma knitted for Christmas. I'm talking about cool mens socks, colorful socks for men and best sock subscription here!
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Tying Tips

Your tie and socks are your first outfit; they set the tone for what you're about. That's why we offer a variety of socks that can help you wear that cool and confident look. For example, if your tie is in a conservative color palette, try pairing it with some patterned ankle socks like our Tree Frogs design. If you want to be more playful and daring with your look, we have bolder options like our Everyday Animals print.
Choose from a wide selection of mens colorful ankle socks or fun dress socks to find just the right complement for your style.