Sock of the Month Subscription - The Right Pair for Every Occasion

sock of the month Subscription - The Right Pair for Every Occasion

Which sock should you wear with your favorite dress shoes? You could spend time figuring out the perfect match, but wouldn’t it be easier to just have someone do it for you? As opposed to wondering what your next pair of socks should be, why not have socks selected and delivered directly to your door every month? Sounds too good to be true? Read on to find out why Philosockphy is the right sock of the month subscription service for you. Plus, they’re offering an exclusive promo code!

What is a sock of the month subscription?

sock of the month subscriptions are a quick and easy way to get high-quality socks delivered straight to your door. No shopping, no schlepping—just socks. Many sock companies will send you one pair per month, so it’s like getting a little gift in your mailbox every few weeks. As with other subscription services, there’s always a discount or deal available when you sign up for sock of the month (or SOCKOM). So if you don’t need an entire year's worth at once, consider starting with a 6-month sock subscription instead. A nice bonus: You get to try out some new brands without having to commit to an entire season's worth of socks.

How it works

Sign up to receive a unique pair of socks in your mailbox every month. Each pair comes with a card detailing that particular month's meaning and message. Don't have time to shop online or can't find what you're looking for? With socks subscriptions, you get a new sock in your mailbox each month without having to leave your house. Once we receive your subscription payment, we’ll ship out a sock as soon as possible (usually within 2 weeks), and will continue doing so every month until you tell us to stop. It's like having mailman (or mailwoman) deliver socks right to your door each month!

Who benefits from sock subscriptions?

We’ve all been there. You want to wear your nicest dress shoes, but your socks look ragged and worn out. Or you have a really nice pair of business casual pants that you’d love to wear, but need a sock that pairs well with them. Enter sock of the month. There are many reasons someone might want to subscribe to a sock-of-the-month club like ours—and it’s not just about how great our socks are (though they really are). We’ve identified three main benefits: value, variety and consistency.

Is this something I need?

You may be asking yourself, Do I really need another pair of socks?. You’re right in that you probably don’t, but if you subscribe to a sock of the month club, it turns into a gift that keeps on giving every month. It takes away any uncertainty from gift-giving and becomes something that is always looking forward to! In addition to choosing an occasion as your reason for gifting (i.e. weddings), Sock Club will also allow you to choose whether you would like to receive men's or women's socks each month based on your size preference. They have stylish socks from brands such as Happy Socks and Le Pere Lucien that make sock subscription more exciting than ever before!

Try Philosockphy's sock subscription service today

We've handpicked pairs of socks for every occasion. Shop our curated sock subscription and discover a new brand, fit, style or material every month! With so many choices, you'll always be dressed to impress and feel your best. Add some fun back into your wardrobe with a sock subscription from Philosockphy!