Sock of the Month Subscription – The Great Sock Encyclopedia

sock of the month Subscription – The Great Sock Encyclopedia

Can you believe the subscription box craze has lasted this long? It seems like everyone with any kind of product or service has started their own subscription box nowadays, which makes it hard to keep up with all the new boxes that are launching every day. However, there’s one type of subscription box that hasn’t gotten enough attention in recent years, and that’s sock subscriptions. Sure, there are tons of shoe subscriptions out there, but no one offers a sock subscription! Here’s why you should try the sock of the month subscription from The Great Sock Encyclopedia . . .


What is a Blind Warp?

A blind warp is a technique for knitting or weaving where all the threads are held in tension, but some threads are hidden from view. When you reach one end of your warp and need to create a new thread, you will wrap it around a previously-made thread. This process is called wrapping on.
A few advantages to this type of weaving: 1) it can be done with any number of threads and 2) there's no need to change tools when you're finished with one section and starting the next. A disadvantage is that if you don't take care not to over-tighten, your work will become distorted.


What is Yarn Dyeing?

Yarn dyeing is a process of taking already-dyed yarn and adding color to it, which can be done in a number of different ways. One way is to use acid dyes, where you soak the yarn in dye over time, adding more as it soaks up color. Another option is to use some type of chemical reaction or oxidation for natural dyes. Whatever method you choose, make sure that your final product will look good with what you're wearing!


How to Choose the Right Sock for You

ankle socks are great for wearing with boots, and these fun and colorful socks have something for everyone. Plus, they make a great gift!


How to Wash Your Socks

Washing your socks will help keep them in good shape for longer. Here are a few tips on how to make sure you're doing it right:
1. When you first buy your socks, make sure you wash them before wearing them. This will get rid of any excess dye and also helps stretch out the sock a little bit.
2. When you wash your socks, check to see if they have any logos or lettering on them that might get ruined when they go through the wash. If they do, try using cold water and lay flat to dry so that these parts don't touch other clothes during washing or drying cycles.


How to Store Your Socks

The best way to store your socks is by putting them on a rotating cycle. To do this, pick out 12 pairs of socks and put them in three piles: one pile for wearing today, another pile for wearing tomorrow, and a third pile for wearing two days later. Put on your socks from the first pile then take off that pair and put on a pair from the second pile. Repeat this process until you have worn all 12 pairs. You can then repeat it again with the other piles! It's important to rotate your socks in this way because doing so will allow you to wear each sock at least once before washing them, which will make all of your socks last longer!



For a monthly fee, a sock subscription is an awesome way to get many different socks in one package and offers a variety of features. Some subscriptions offer cool socks for men, fun dress socks, or even crazy color dress socks. You might also want to consider gifting it for a friend or as part of a wedding gift. If you do choose to give your sock subscription as a gift, you can always add in some extra cool socks for him or her!