Sock of the Month Subscription – The Great Sock Encyclopedia

sock of the month Subscription – The Great Sock Encyclopedia

The great sock of the month club, you’ve heard of it right? It’s a subscription where every month you receive some new sock goodness to add to your collection. You know that we are all about socks here at SockGuy, so we decided to start our own version called the sock of the month Subscription (SOTMS). Every month when you sign up, you get one pair of premium socks from your favourite brand delivered straight to your door! How cool does that sound?!


What is a warp?

A warp is a yarn that is threaded onto a loom to create fabric. There are two types of warps: one with the yarns all in one direction, and another with alternating yarns going in different directions. Threading these types of warps together creates fabrics like denim and velour.


How is yarn dyed?

Yarn is dyed in a bath that consists of a dyestuff, usually powdered or liquid, which imparts color to the yarn. If the dyestuff is insoluble in water, it is added to a mixture of water and either glycerin or methanol. If soluble in both water and alcohol, it can be added to either as they are immiscible and will not mix. Different dye baths may be required for different types of fibers. Acid dyes work well on cellulose fibers such as cotton, wool and silk while basic dyes work better on protein fibers such as wool and nylon.


How are socks made?

cool socks are made in a few different ways. Some are knitted, some are woven, and some are even crocheted. There is no standard way to make socks, so you're bound to find a design or technique that suits your fancy. You can make them from natural fibers like wool or cotton, or synthetic fibers like nylon or acrylic.


What are some different types of socks?

Knitting your own socks is a fantastic way to customize and make fun and colorful socks that you can't find in stores. There are many different patterns available online and you can also find instructions with videos. For example, if you want to knit your own ankle socks, all you need is about one skein of yarn for each color desired, a set of size three double-pointed needles (or whichever size will give you the gauge), a tapestry needle for finishing, and some stitch markers. You'll also need to know how to cast on stitches onto two needles at once using the cable cast on method or how to use a crochet hook as a third needle.


How can I make my own socks?

If you're looking for a gift for someone who has everything, a sock of the month subscription is an unusual, yet thoughtful gift. If you need some more ideas, we have some on our website too. You can also check out cool socks and make your own!