Sock of the Month Subscription - The Do's and Don'ts of No Show Socks


Three ways to avoid buying the wrong type of sock subscription - The Do's and Don'ts of sock of the month Subscriptions


How to wash them

It is best to wash your socks by hand. This will ensure that they are only agitated by human hands, not a machine which may cause stretching or shrinking. Next, you want to make sure to dry them out completely after washing them. If you don’t dry them out properly, they will be left with an unpleasant odor that may transfer onto your feet. You can use a towel or clothesline if you don’t have a clothes dryer.


How to store them

Most socks can be stored in a drawer or shoe box, but no show socks are a different story. They're so small that they can easily get lost among other clothes. Instead, store them in a sock organizer where you can see all your socks at once. This way, you'll never have to go digging for a missing pair.


How many pairs should you own?

This is a question we get asked a lot. Obviously, it depends on how often you wear socks. If you are someone who wears them once or twice a week, then you might only need one or two pairs. But if you wear them everyday, then it might be wise to invest in more pairs to avoid being without any when laundry day comes around.
If your socks are just for casual use with jeans, then two to four pairs should be enough; but if they're also worn with dressier clothes than maybe six to eight would be better. And if they're worn with suits regularly, 12-15 would probably do the trick!


What type should you wear?

The type of socks you wear is a very personal choice. For example, if you're wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, it might be best to go with light colored or fun socks for men. If you're wearing dress pants or jeans, then feel free to dress up your outfit with some crazy color dress socks. Wearing ankle socks? You can either go with some fun mens ankle socks that don't show or wear some cool mens socks that are just above the ankle.