Sock of the Month Subscription: The 5 Most Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

sock of the month Subscription: The 5 Most Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

Four out of five people have trouble finding their socks in the morning, which is why sock subscription services like sock of the month were born! But don’t let your socks ride the wave of popularity alone; join the trend with your own sock subscription box that’s as unique as you are, but without all the hassle of having to remember to send yourself socks each month. Below are our top five ways to fold socks so that they don’t just stay in place, but actually look neat and tidy when you open up your drawer to grab them!


The Basic Roll

The most basic sock fold is called the basic roll. To make this fold, simply lay your socks on a flat surface with the toes facing out and then take one end of each sock in opposite hands and fold them lengthwise over each other until they meet at the heel. Then, fold them in half again lengthwise before rolling them up into a tight roll from toe to heel. This is a great way to store socks you only wear occasionally or for travel purposes.


The Military Fold

If you're a military-junkie and want your socks folded neatly in a way that would make any drill sergeant proud, this is how you do it. You place each sock on top of each other, with the toes facing towards you. Then fold one end over so that it meets the other and folds at a 90 degree angle. Then fold from one side over to the other and then back again, folding in an accordion fashion. This should leave you with two socks back-to-back, like a book mark. For added measure, tuck the end under for some flair!


The Origami Fold

This origami fold takes a few steps, but it's worth it. First, lay your sock flat and then fold in half vertically with the heel facing up on one side. Next, fold in half horizontally so that you're left with a long rectangle shape. Next, turn over one end of the rectangle and fold back down towards the other end. Flip over so that the toe is now on top and finish folding up by pulling at each end like an accordion until it fits in your hand. Now you have a nice little rectangle shaped piece! This is great for packing your socks in a suitcase or bag because it won't take up much space this way.


The Tube Fold

This is a neat way to fold your socks. It's perfect for when you have just one pair, but it can also be used with two or more pairs as well. Lay your socks down in a straight line and fold them in half lengthwise. Take one sock and place it so that it covers about two thirds of the other sock's length and then fold that side over too. Next, take the long part of both socks and fold them together so they are on top of each other with the toe ends sticking out from either end like a tube. Repeat this process with all your socks until you have just one pile left


The Basketweave

This sock fold is a bit more complicated but looks great! Start by laying your socks out and placing them in a pile. Pull one sock over another so that their toes are aligned and then pull it over the other one, repeating until you have created a woven basket pattern. Take an inch-wide strip of fabric and wrap it around the top, right before where they meet. Then take another inch-wide strip of fabric and wrap it around the bottom, right before where they meet. Tie both strips together with a simple knot at the top of each side, pulling tight so that they are snug against your socks. You can also use this style with any type or color of dress or crew socks!