Sock of the Month Subscription: Life Hacks with Socks!

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Life hack #1 - freshen shoes by washing them in a sink with warm water, using hand soap

Wash your shoes in a sink with warm water and mild soap to freshen them up. Put some soap on your hands and rub it all over the shoe. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse off any excess dirt or soap residue and let dry overnight.

Life hack #2 - repairing holes in sweaters

If you've got a sweater with a hole in it and don't want to spend the money on a new one, try using a sock. Cut it open and shove it inside your sweater as far as you can get it. The sock's spandex will stretch over the hole and hold its shape while you wear your sweater. Plus, if your hole is at the back of your sweater, people will never see it because they'll be looking at your butt.

Life hack #3 - protect your legs in summer heat (don't wear stockings!)

Summertime is a time for fun in the sun, and we all know that wearing stockings in summer heat can be uncomfortable. Luckily, there are plenty of life hacks to avoid this issue. For example, you can use socks as makeshift leg-warmers. This works especially well if your socks are colourful (or match your dress!). Simply tuck them into your shorts or skirt when you're at home or out on a walk and they'll protect your legs from the midday sun's rays.

Life hack #4 - take care of old or damaged blankets by washing and drying them at high temperatures

Mending a blanket is no easy task. But we've found an easier way to make old blankets new again by washing them in hot water and drying them at high temperatures. This hack works for both damaged and old blankets, but you may want to call in your significant other to help, since it's not too safe for your clothes dryer.

There are two steps to this hack. First, wash your blanket in hot water on the highest setting your machine has (usually labeled as heavy duty or extra strength). If you have a top loading washer you'll need to do this by hand in the sink or bathtub if you don't have a hose attachment.

Life hack #5 - prevent odor in sneakers by putting them in a freezer overnight. Remove the next day, let them sit at room temperature while wearing them out. Not only will they smell better, but they'll also fit better too!

If you use your shoes often, they'll start to smell. To prevent this, after wearing them, put them in a freezer overnight. Remove the next day and let them sit at room temperature while wearing them out. Not only will they smell better, but they'll also fit better too!

Bonus tip: Use an old sock as a dustpan to easily sweep up fallen pieces on hardwood floors

Everyone loves a good life hack, so we're excited to share this one that uses socks to change up your every day tasks. You'll never look at an old sock the same way again. (1) You can use it as a dustpan in a pinch - simply stuff it into any crevice or hole and sweep up any debris on your hardwood floor. (2) It makes a great office caddy for all your pens, pencils and other small items when you need to tidy up.