Sock of the Month Subscription: How to Match Your Socks With a Tie

sock of the month Subscription: How to Match Your Socks With a Tie

For some men, matching their tie to their socks isn’t an issue. If you’re one of those guys, congratulations! You win at life, and you’re also the inspiration for this article about how to match your socks with a tie. For most men, however, this is an area in which they can improve upon their style game. The best way to learn how to match your socks with your tie, whether you have dozens of ties or just one, is to get yourself into the sock of the month club.


The Science of Color

The colors on your socks can provide a huge variety of personality, giving you a chance to express your inner self. Some colors are traditionally more masculine while others are more feminine. The coolest color choice is picking one that's in between and trying them all out!
#1 Red - This color is associated with energy, excitement and passion. It also invokes feelings of anger, aggression and blood.
#2 Orange - Orange is often thought as the happy color and it also invokes feelings of warmth and comfort. It's believed that orange brings new beginnings and success.


The Psychology of Color

Color is often used in marketing and design to evoke an emotional response. Some colors are more associated with specific emotions than others. Red, for example, is often associated with feelings of anger or excitement. Yellow is often associated with feelings of happiness or amusement. Orange can be both energizing and exciting or calm and relaxing depending on its saturation and hue. Purple can be associated with feelings of pleasure, comfort, creativity, or royalty.


The Art of Coordination

Have you ever considered your sock game? It's just as important as your tie game! Let's face it, if you're wearing socks with a pattern, they should match. But what about if you wear solid colored socks? Well then it doesn't matter what color your socks are, just make sure that they are either black or brown so that they coordinate with your tie. If you want to be really crazy, try wearing crazy color dress socks! That'll show em! fun dress socks are also a good idea if you want more variety in your clothing choices and don't want everyone looking at how boring you are all day long. And let's not forget about fun men's ankle socks and mens ankle socks.


The Culture of Color

sock of the month Club is an awesome sock subscription service that delivers colorful socks right to your doorstep. They have crazy, fun, and cool socks for men in all sorts of different colors. You can get socks for every occasion, and they have all types of ankle socks, crew socks, dress socks--you name it! Plus their customer service is top notch and they're always adding new styles. It's like Christmas coming every month!