Sock of the Month Subscription: How to Match Your Socks With a Tie

sock of the month Subscription: How to Match Your Socks With a Tie

Adding more color to your outfit doesn’t have to mean you have to sacrifice the unique pieces that you love and can’t find anywhere else. The latest subscription box to hit the market is sock of the month, which will send you one pair of socks every month, with free shipping and returns included in the price. You can even choose between three different sock types, so you’ll never be bored with your selections! Here are some great ways to match your socks with a tie.

sock of the month subscription in a nutshell

It's an old adage that you can't wear white socks with a black suit. But what if you want to rock that look? Instead of being stuck with matching your socks with your suit, now you can subscribe and get one new pair delivered every month!

Subscribers get four colors each month, and they're shipped on or around the 15th. The colors are rotated so you'll never be bored or running low on pairs in any one color--or left without something to match your tie.

The cost is $25 per month for one pair, including shipping. You can also choose from other subscription options for two pairs ($50 per month), three pairs ($75 per month), or four pairs ($100 per month).

What are you getting?

What's better than getting socks for Christmas? Getting socks every month! I love the idea of not having to think about what pair of socks you're going to wear. It's so much easier than matching with your tie, which can be really hard sometimes.

There are two great sock subscriptions out there that I love, Stance and Happy Socks. Both offer a variety of colors and patterns, so if you like wearing crazy colored socks then there is something for you. Plus they both have really great customer service and will send you new pairs when your old ones get worn out or dirty.

The colours, patterns and designs they offer

Owning matching socks and ties can be difficult. Most people don't have time to hunt for that perfect pair or worry about which color goes with which tie. We offer sock of the month subscriptions that include three pairs of socks, each a different pattern or design and one tie in your choice of colors.

These subscriptions are great for men who need to dress up for work, weddings or interviews; they're also a fun gift idea! You can choose between our monthly subscription option where you'll receive one new pair every month, our quarterly subscription which includes four pairs and one tie over the course of three months, or our yearly subscription which includes twelve pairs and two ties over twelve months.

Their customer service

We're committed to providing our customers with an unparalleled customer experience. When you purchase from us, we'll go out of our way to make sure that you're satisfied with your purchase. We also offer free shipping within Canada and the United States on all orders above $50, which is not only great for business but will help you save money as well!

We hope that this has been helpful and that you have found what you were looking for today. If not, check out our website and see if there's anything else that interests you!

First impressions – unboxing my first sock subscription box

I've been eyeing sock subscriptions for awhile, but I just never got around to actually subscribing. One day, I was surfing Facebook and saw an ad for this new company that has a monthly sock subscription service. I clicked on the ad and it took me straight to their website. They were offering a free pair of socks with my first order if I signed up for three months in advance. It seemed like a good deal so I went ahead and signed up. After doing so, it said that my order would be processed within two hours and my socks would be delivered within three days. Today, I came home from work and there was this package sitting on my desk with my name on it!

Do They Have Returns Policy?

We have a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your subscription, just let us know and we will send you a refund for the remaining months on your plan.

Also, we offer free shipping and exchanges for life! So if you are looking for colourful socks that match your favourite tie, then sign up for our sock of the month subscription.

Style Tips – Proper Way To Wear Socks With A Suit

You may be asking yourself, Can I wear socks on their own? The answer is yes, but it's always better to dress them up with an outfit. Wearing socks by themselves can make your feet sweat, and you don't want that! On the other hand, there are many ways you can incorporate socks into your outfits in different ways. You could pair them with shorts for spring or wear them under pants for winter. It's all about matching the colour of your socks with what you're wearing so it doesn't look sloppy.

Can I wear them on their own?

The answer is yes and no. You can wear them on their own if you want, but this would be considered as sockless. To wear your socks with your tie, it's best to wear them underneath your pants. The general rule for wearing socks with ties is that they should be about two inches shorter than the tie. For instance, if you have a three-inch-tall tie, then you should have an inch or two inch tall sock.

If you are wearing dress shoes with no socks, you can either wear colorful socks or match your suit and tie color with your sock color.

Some customers' thoughts about these footy pajamas...

I usually just wear whatever socks I can find in my drawer and they never match. But these are so easy, and I love how colourful they are.

This is such a great idea! All you have to do is pick out your monthly sock subscription, then all you have to worry about is matching your tie with your socks. It's so much easier than picking out socks for yourself.

My wife has been nagging me for years about not matching my socks with my ties, but now I don't have to worry about it. This service has made life so much easier.