Sock of the Month Subscription: Five Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

sock of the month Subscription: Five Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

How many times have you gone to put your socks on, only to find that they’ve somehow managed to transform themselves into the shape of some sort of mutant animal? If you’re tired of this happening every time you put on your socks, try a sock subscription from sock of the month. With an assortment of creative sock folding ideas, you will never lose track of which sock goes on which foot again!


The Basic Fold

This is a quick and easy way to fold your socks. Lay them flat and then fold in half so they look like a rectangle. Then, fold in each side so that it resembles a square. Finally, roll up the sock from one end to the other, starting with one long side. This will create one neat stack of six socks.


The Roll

Fold your socks so that you can see how many pairs you have and easily access them when you need them. You could use a sock drawer, stack them on a shelf or put them in a box but one way that is pretty fun is to roll your socks. When rolled, your socks will take up less space and be easy to grab as needed. Plus, it's a great way to show off your style by rolling different colors together. Rolling also helps keep your ankle socks from getting stretched out so they last longer.


The Bundle

crazy socks? Check. ankle socks? You bet. awesome socks club that sends you one of the best crew socks every month? It's a thing. So is a sock subscription club with the best sock of these options delivered right to your door, like clockwork. These five creative ways to fold your socks are perfect for anyone who doesn't want to spend hours hunting for their favorite colors (or has a whole drawer full of them).


The Accordion

Take an old shoelace, ribbon or elastic band (or anything similar) and tie a knot on each end. Put one around your toe area, then take the other over your foot and pull up so it meets with the first one on top of your toe area. They should be snug but not tight. Then wrap them around both toes, then go back under both feet and meet back up again at the heel. Tie another knot on each side, making sure they are tight enough so they don't come undone.


The Fancy Fold

Ever wonder how some people always seem to have their socks in order? It's not a magic trick. There are a few creative ways you can fold your socks so they're ready for use. The Fancy Fold is one way that has been popularized by American actress, model, producer and businesswoman Tyra Banks. This method is best for dress socks or crew socks with wider tops; it also works well with ankle socks if they have thin tops. To do this, take your sock and hold it upright so the toe is on top and the heel is at the bottom. Hold both ends together and fold one end over the other towards you like in a bundle, then tuck them under each other before folding them in half again, so now you have four layers instead of two.