Sock of the Month Subscription: Five Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

sock of the month Subscription: Five Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks

Five Creative Ways to Fold Your Socks: A sock subscription is more than just socks, it’s a fun way to try out different styles you might not pick up on your own, and get to experience new colors and patterns that might otherwise fly under your radar. A sock of the month subscription can be the gift that keeps on giving throughout the whole year, and you can even opt to have one sent every other month if you’re concerned about feeling too overwhelmed with options. Here are five creative ways to fold your socks so you don’t lose any of your precious cargo!


The Traditional Way

The way you fold your socks can say a lot about you. If someone were to find themselves in possession of your neatly folded socks, they might not be able to tell what personality type you have just by looking at them. However, if they found a messily folded pile of laundry (with your socks mixed in), that might reveal more about who you are as a person and what kind of day you've had so far.
It's easy and convenient for people with small closets or tight schedules who don't have time for folding laundry every day.


The Bandana Fold

This fold is perfect for those who don't want their socks bunching up in their shoe. The bandana fold will not only keep your sock from bunching, but it looks cool! The first step is to place your foot on top of your sock and pull it up over your toes. Next, take one side of the sock and push it behind the other side. You should now have a long, thin rectangle with a loop at the bottom and a loop at the top. Take one loop (the bottom) and pull it through the other loop (the top). You can then adjust how tight you want it by pulling on each end. And voilà! A neatly folded pair of socks that will not bunch up in your shoe!


The Japanese Way

When it comes to folding socks, some people will just ball them up and throw them in their drawer. This is a huge waste of space and causes your socks to get tangled up with each other. One way you can fold your socks so they're not all tangled up with one another is by using the Japanese method. The Japanese way involves rolling both ends towards each other, then rolling it into a neat tube shape. Next, fold both ends inwards until they meet at the middle and finally tuck them under the top part you just rolled into a tube shape. Once that's done, you'll have an organized stack of socks ready for use!


The European Way

This is one way that you can use cool socks to make your life a little bit better. Simply roll them up, and then fold them in half so that they are now two pieces of fabric. Then, roll them back up again. You should now have two rolls.


The American Way

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