Sock of the Month Subscription Boxes

sock of the month Subscription Boxes

How many socks do you go through in a year? 10 pairs? 20 pairs? Is that too much, or not enough? When’s the last time you bought yourself some new socks? Do you even remember what type of socks you have or don’t have? If so, chances are your socks aren’t matching up with your wardrobe and you’re missing out on some fashion opportunities! Worry no more, though, as we can help you with that! We’ve taken all the hard work out of picking out pairs of quality socks for your wardrobe!

Why sock subscription boxes are a great gift idea

Socks are a pretty unassuming gift that most people wouldn’t really think about unless it’s their birthday or holiday season. But what if you could get your loved ones not just one pair, but multiple pairs of socks from different brands without spending an arm and a leg? Sock subscription boxes allow you to discover new brands while allowing your loved ones to have stylish sock styles delivered right to their doorstep each month! Whether it’s for yourself or as a gift, check out some of our favorite sock subscription boxes below. They make great gifts because they can be tailored around any type of personality. And even better? They usually come with great socks!

Why Philosockphy is different from other sock subscriptions

Unlike other sock subscriptions, we don’t select a pair of socks to send you based on your personal style or preferences. We send you one pair each month and ask that you wear them out in public at least five times before washing them. This ensures that each month's pair of socks is worn out enough to hold up for your photo shoot and gives us an opportunity to truly see how each design looks on all different kinds of feet. It’s also a nice way for our customers to show off their diverse array of outfits—we believe that everyone can find at least one outfit in their closet to match every Philosockphy Socks design, but they may not have thought about it previously!

How you can get your socks without spending money

There are a lot of sock subscription boxes available for people who want to get new socks without having to buy them. One of these is SockPair, which sends you and your partner or best friend four pairs of new socks every month. Another company, Stance, will give you four pairs of socks with fun designs on them each month. Other companies include Happy Socks and Philosockphy, who also offer monthly packages that help you get enough nice socks to last a while. These companies may be more expensive than just buying your own socks, but they're worth it if you want nice-looking socks that also go well with most clothing options.

Design Quality

It’s one thing to create a brand. It’s another to create an exciting and viable product line that will excite customers and keep them coming back for more. At Philosocks, we pride ourselves on our high standards in manufacturing quality items for your business needs or personal indulgences. We have worked hard at every stage in making sure that all products are up to par with our expectations, which is why we put everything through a rigorous stress test before ever selling it. Whether you need promotional giveaways or simply socks for your feet, let us help you find a design you love today!

Range of Designs

One cool thing about these subscription boxes is that they are highly customizable. You can request particular designs for each month, or you can choose to have a different style of sock sent every month. There’s really something for everyone. Some options include patterns from sleek graphics to family-oriented designs featuring favorite cartoon characters or important holidays and birthdays. Whatever your preference, there’s a design out there that will be perfect for you. And if none of them strike your fancy, you can even submit your own design and let our creative team do their magic! We want you to love every item in your box, so we won’t send anything without first getting an okay from you!