Sock of the Month Subscription Box - Not Just for Women

sock of the month Subscription Box - Not Just for Women

sock of the month Subscription Boxes are an inexpensive and easy way to treat yourself each month. They make great gifts, too! However, it may surprise you to learn that sock of the month subscriptions are not just for women! Here’s why you might be interested in getting your own sock of the month subscription... even if you’re not a woman.

What are sock subscriptions?

Sock subscriptions are a monthly package that comes to your home containing socks that have been handpicked to match your style. There are sock subscriptions for women, men, and children. If you sign up with a sock subscription service, each month you’ll receive one pair of socks straight to your door! Best part? Every pair is different so you never get bored with your pairs! Most sites offer different levels or plans depending on what kind of design or color patterns you prefer. Some sites even feature new limited edition designs in their packages each month so that no two months are ever alike! Whether it’s leg warmers, wool socks, knee high, running socks... there is something out there for everyone.

3 Things I love about Philosockphy

We’ve recently got into The sock of the month Club, which is a sock subscription service. We’re a family with 3 boys (5-13 years old) and socks are so hard to buy! It takes all kinds of specialist sock knowledge to get through those teen years without having issues. This is where Philosockphy has helped us out tremendously. They offer 3 different styles - Youth, Men’s, and Women’s - we chose their Men's 5 pair box! We were hoping that it would be something to keep them happy during our holiday travels (as well as useful for out here in Missouri when our feet get cold!). Philosophy uses hand picked high quality fashion socks from designers around the globe that are guaranteed to wow you.

Why you should subscribe to Philosockphy

It might seem silly to spend $10+ a month on socks, but here at Philosockphy we think it’s more than worth it. Whether you are a guy or gal, sock subscription boxes are an excellent way to spice up your wardrobe and experiment with new looks. A box full of new socks is a great gift to yourself and one that will keep on giving. What do we mean by that? Well, think about how many times you find yourself browsing online or even walking through stores trying to find matching socks for whatever outfit you are wearing. Instead of doing all that work by hand, let Philosockphy do it for you! We carefully select our selection from hundreds (no exaggeration) of sock companies from around the world.

How it works?

Most sock subscription services are aimed at women, but there are some specifically for men. How does it work? You choose between one and three months’ worth of socks; the longer your subscription, the cheaper each pair will be. Once you sign up, you’ll get a new pair every month with a different design than your previous pair(s).

How often do they ship out?

We ship out every month, on time. We know you're excited about your subscription, so we send it out on time, every time. If a problem should arise, we contact you and give you ample opportunity to make sure that you receive your package in a timely manner. In fact, our goal is to always provide superior customer service because that's how we want to be treated when we order something. If there is an issue with shipping and it is our fault (for example, if one of our suppliers did not deliver socks as promised), we absorb 100% of your shipping cost at no additional charge and offer a full refund on your purchase! Rest assured that your package will arrive on time!

What size socks do they send?

Sock enthusiasts can subscribe to boxes that cater to their own unique sock needs. Some people like ankle socks and some prefer knee-highs; some only want striped socks and others prefer patterned ones; and some are looking for ultra-thick warm winter socks, while others are trying to avoid cotton at all costs. But what most sock of the month clubs have in common is a standard size: The average adult sock size is between men's 7/women's 10. Make sure you know what size your recipient wears before signing them up for a sock subscription service.

Pros, Cons, Final Verdict.

In today’s economy, it’s difficult to spend a large amount of money on luxury items. However, sock of the month Club makes that possibility a reality without breaking your bank. For just $10 per month, you can get socks delivered straight to your door. In addition to being affordable, they also have pairs that are perfect for men and women; something many sock-of-the-month clubs don’t have! If you like comfortable, stylish socks then look no further than sock of the month Club.