Sock of the Month Subscription Box - Not Just for Women

sock of the month Subscription Box - Not Just for Women

Some people like coffee, others tea; some prefer to start their day with a little bacon and eggs. Whatever your preference, there’s something special about starting your day with something unique and yummy – especially if it’s custom-made just for you! For this reason, we think the perfect subscription box for sock lovers isn’t one that only caters to women. It’s one that caters to men, women and even kids who want to make their daily sock-wearing experience that much more fun and exciting.

Why you need a sock subscription

People have their own unique sock subscription preferences, but they’re almost always healthier than letting your socks sit in a drawer by themselves and getting grungy. If you’re like us, we find that every month you have more fun when opening a special package in your mailbox – and that makes it hard to resist subscribing to at least one sock of the month club. To be honest, with socks being so affordable these days it only makes sense to get a monthly delivery – especially if you like having interesting ones without having to search around. Plus, who knows? The subscription might provide some sort of Philosockphy or unexpected happiness because it was kind of exciting getting something in your mailbox every day!

What’s in it for me?

When you purchase a monthly subscription to a sock of the month club, you get an awesome pair of socks at your doorstep each month. Who doesn’t love new socks?! You can select from boxers, no-show socks, ankle socks and more—all types are included in a typical sock of the month subscription. In addition to your sweet new socks each month, there is also some philosophical value to having a subscription. Think about it—every time you put on those great new socks, you have a reminder that everything will be okay! What could be better than that?

Different subscriptions I recommend

* Sock Panda * Happy Socks * The Sock Drawer * One Perfect Day * Bombas (great socks, but they're not a subscription) * Stance (super comfortable socks) ## How to Set Up a sock of the month Subscription When you first hear about sock subscriptions, you might think it’s just for women. There’s been an explosion in female-oriented sock subscription boxes over the last couple years, but there are tons of options that men can enjoy as well. Plus, if your partner would rather have something else than another pair of socks every month, these subscriptions work great as gifts. ## Benefits As a writer who spends at least 12 hours a day on his feet in often uncomfortable shoes, I appreciate good-quality socks.

How I got started with sock subscriptions

I've always been a bit of a sock fanatic. I kept myself well stocked with socks in college, buying new pairs every time I went to Target or Wal-Mart. Whenever people asked what I wanted for Christmas or my birthday, inevitably they'd end up getting me socks because it was all that I ever wanted (and almost never asked for). It got to be pretty funny by senior year when we were doing Secret Santa at school and my friends would ask Socks? Socks?? Really? Yes, really! My passion for socks even led me to start an informal sock exchange amongst some friends at work--we simply traded socks back and forth to try out each other's styles!

Where can I buy them?

Find sock of the month subscription boxes to buy online at their website.

Do men subscribe to sock subscription boxes?

Are they appropriate gifts?