Sock of the Month Review: Which Material is Best?

sock of the month Review: Which Material is Best?

How do you know if the sock of the month club you're thinking about joining is worth your hard-earned cash? You can read reviews on blogs, like this one, but if you're really looking to get your money's worth, then it all comes down to quality. Which material is best for socks? Cotton, new wool or cashmere? Take a look at our latest review and find out!

What I Received in November 2017

November's sock of the month by KnitCrate included 2 pairs of socks, a pair for him and a pair for her. The pair for her are yellow and pink striped with red hearts. They're soft, cute and perfect to wear in Spring or Summer. The pair for him are black socks with silver tin soldiers all over them. Now, I've never been interested in boys' sock subscriptions since they always receive plain colored socks; however, I love these! We both absolutely love them and we'll definitely be getting next month's sock subscription box as well! Thanks KnitCrate!

My experience with each sock

Socks can be a serious pain. If you have feet that sweat, cotton socks are practically a death trap. I remember wearing cotton socks to school when I was 10 and constantly thinking my shoes were wet because my feet would sweat so much! While cotton retains moisture well, it's not good for your skin or for your footwear. Luckily there are a variety of sock materials available now to choose from that help address specific issues like sweaty feet. After trying several sock subscription services over the past few months, I've found three pairs that work particularly well for my purposes and personal preferences. Let's break down each material and see which one reigns supreme!

Why you should consider subscribing to sock of the month

The monthly sock subscription might seem a little excessive, but think about it for a second. You take care of all your important clothes and accessories, but what about your socks? How many cool socks do you have in your closet now? Maybe three or four different pairs that you rotate through. But what if every month you got a new pair from some great designer (or even someone just starting out) who had a great idea for fun, colorful socks. Would you want to wear them every day and never get tired of looking at them because they’re so awesome? And, even if they aren’t necessarily the perfect socks for each season, would it be worth it to have that big rotation ready and waiting so you could wear whatever struck your fancy that day?

How does sock of the month compare to other sock subscriptions?

One way sock of the month differs from its competitors is that, for one flat price per month, you get three pair of socks. By contrast, most sock subscriptions (like Brown Boxer, Sock Dreams and Stance) charge around $30 per month for two pairs. For example, a year’s worth of Stance socks (24 pairs) would cost $360; at sock of the month that same number of socks would cost just $144 (including shipping). If you want to skip any months or cancel your subscription altogether, there are no penalties—and unlike most other sock subscriptions sock of the month doesn’t force customers to prepay for an entire year at once.

What do I think about WoolBoxes' service and process in general?

I liked that they send cool socks and great deals. I did not like how it was difficult to figure out when they had new shipments arriving. Also, I wish there was a quicker way to know what you could order from their website instead of having to click around. One last thing, cashmere feels amazing! Highly recommend for socks or scarves. Although expensive, it's worth it because these materials last longer than normal fabrics (unlike cotton socks which tear easily).

What did I enjoy most about Woolbox?

Woolbox can only ship its cool socks in winter when it gets cold. This keeps moisture away from your feet and so your socks last longer than they might otherwise. Wool also breathes well, so you'll stay comfortable even during a workout. And wool socks are beautiful too, so you get bonus points for looking great! Finally, wool isn't particularly itchy - my first pair didn't leave me with any uncomfortable or raw patches after extensive wear. However you go about wearing them, your Woolbox warmers should give you years of durable use!

Would I subscribe again next year and what would be my favourite pair from that month's box?

I subscribed to SockofTheMonth because I like cool socks. After trying all three sock types, my favourite were wool socks and I will definitely subscribe again next year. At $24 per month, it's cheaper than buying my own and I would probably buy two pairs a month so it evens out! The variety really kept me interested as well; never did I feel bored with just one pair a month. My favourite pair was probably in June or July when they had these tall wool no-show socks that were excellent for travelling and hiking/camping.