Sock of the Month Philosockphy: How to Fold Your Socks

sock of the month Philosockphy: How to Fold Your Socks

Writing about sock folds may seem silly at first, but it’s actually an important way to help you keep your socks organized and to ensure you don’t forget about them when putting away laundry. If you take care of your socks, they’ll take care of you! Read on to find out the benefits of each method, including what different sock types are best suited to each fold, and see which one works best for your wardrobe needs. You might even decide that all five have a place in your sock drawer!


The Basic Fold

As a menswear aficionado and all-around style guru, I find myself caring about what goes on my feet. Don't get me wrong, I love a good shoe, but there's just something extra special about looking great from head to toe. The best part? My socks are always awesome thanks to my sock subscription!
I like to wear colorful socks with shoes that are a little more formal and dressier. I also love wearing crazy color dress socks for fun occasions or when it's cold outside. The type of sock you wear can be an easy way for you or your loved one to add some personality into their outfit.


The Roll

If you're anything like me, you have a lot of socks. This means that it is not uncommon for your sock drawer to get out of control with too many mismatched socks or even just a lack of organization (hint hint!). I've found the best way to fold my socks is by rolling them. It's quick and easy, plus it saves tons of space in your sock drawer. The first step is to grab two socks - they don't have to be matching pairs! Then, roll one sock inside another so that it looks like a long tube. Next, hold onto one end and roll up the tube until all but about an inch sticks out on either side - this should create a knot at the top.

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The Bundle

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The Triangle

Folding socks can be one of life's more frustrating tasks, but with the right sock-folding technique, you'll never again have your socks tangled in a mess! Follow these simple steps for an easy way to fold your socks and store them neatly.
1. Lay out one sock on top of another, toe-to-toe. 2. Twist the top sock from left to right as if you're wringing out a towel over the other sock. 3. Flip both socks over so that they are now back-to-back and drape them over each other so that they meet in a 'V' shape in between their toes. 4.


The Ball

Men's socks are a great gift for anyone that you might be shopping for this holiday season. They can be hard to buy for, and they seem like a throw-away item. With so many great sock subscriptions out there, it's easy to get sucked in and want one of each kind! If you're looking for fun men's socks, colorful socks or just something really unique, check out some of these great sock companies!
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