Sock of the Month is a Thing and It's Pretty Cool

sock of the month is a Thing and It's Pretty Cool

The world is full of mysteries—and socks are no exception. What makes one sock design better than another? What are the types of yarn that can be used to create socks? How can you identify your favorite sock brands, and what makes them unique? We may never have all the answers, but there’s one thing we do know for sure: sock of the month Club, which delivers one high-quality pair of designer socks to your doorstep every month, is pretty cool.

A Brief History of Socks

In 7th century Persia, The caliph Omar created a law stating that all criminals should be required to wear socks as well as pants (women could only wear socks). This was due to him getting embarrassed when he heard prisoners at his palace complaining about their feet. After that incident socks quickly grew in popularity in Europe until 1722 when they were banned because they were thought to encourage masturbation. In modern times sock subscription services are popular since its easy way for people to have nice-looking socks without having to do much work.

How to Use This List

This sock-of-the-month subscription service will keep you stocked up on cool socks all year long. Each month they’ll send you a pair of awesome socks that’s been handpicked to match your style. They even offer specialty subscriptions like business casual, athletic socks or fun-colored anklets. Before signing up for any sock subscription, though, I recommend making sure you’re able to wash your new socks without destroying them. This might seem like an obvious thing to check before signing up for anything involving clothing, but trust me, it happens more often than you think—especially with mail orders.

The Best Subscription Boxes

If you’re looking for cool socks, there are quite a few options out there. Here are some of our favorites: sock of the month: If you're looking for cool socks, there's no better place to get them than through sock of the month . They come in great patterns, from robots to pineapples to candy skulls. (There are also non-monthly subscription options.) You'll be amazed by how fun it is to sign up for sock mail every month! (Check out our full review here .) Stance: Stance offers socks that look so good they could have been designed by Apple itself. There are tons of different patterns available but there’s definitely something here for everyone — we really like their sports-themed designs.

Brands Offering Free Patterns

There are many sock subscription services, free pattern brands, and niche sock companies that offer free sock patterns. These range from standard socks to lace socks to athletic compression socks for running. Here are some companies offering free sock patterns: Sports Socks Canada offers free crochet running sock patterns. Brooks Running gives away free shoe knitting patterns (as well as selling cool Nike-inspired socks). Needlesong Designs has an extensive selection of PDF patterns. FeelGood Lifestyle sells super-adorable argyle kids' socks in lots of colors (and they're hand knit!). Other resources: Ravelry also has an impressive number of yarn dyers that make richly colored hanks with unique textures or unusual colorways. Download their app if you're keen on downloading several at once!