Sock of the Month: How to Wear Them With Style


One of the most common questions sock of the month members ask is how to wear the socks they receive each month, and the answer to this question can be complicated. While many members are more concerned with sock comfort than sock fashion, there are plenty who would like to know how they can style their new socks in creative and fashionable ways. If you’re one of these fashion-minded members, here are some tips on how to wear your sock of the month socks with style.


Basic Rules

There are plenty of rules you need to follow when wearing socks with shorts, but with other pairs, it's all about personal preference. The key is finding that balance between what you like and what would work best for your situation. For instance, if you're trying on a pair of dress socks, don't wear them with shorts or jeans because they'll be way too long and fall off your feet. If you have cool mens socks with crazy color dress socks (or even regular colored crew socks), they would look great with shorts or jeans because they'll still be short enough to stay on your feet and will complement the different colors!
1) Match your sock color to your pants or skirt. 2) Never wear ankle socks without shoes.


Dress it up

No one wants to be that guy wearing socks and sandals, but it can be hard to find the right pair when you're browsing. sock of the month is a monthly sock subscription service for men that delivers cool, colorful socks and personalized gift-giving. Choose from a variety of designs and styles, including crew socks, cool dress socks, fun ankle socks, funky cargo anklets, or anything else you might need. No matter what they enjoy doing or what size they are (they have adult small through XXL!), sock of the month has something for everyone. Plus, Socks of The Month have a satisfaction guarantee--if you don't like your first shipment then they'll give you another one!


Dress it down

People are often looking for the perfect gift for their friends and family. A sock subscription could be a great idea for many people. Socks come in all colors and patterns, so you can match them to any outfit and make it look better. Plus, socks are something that people use every day, so they will always be reminded of you.
One great sock subscription is sock of the month Club. It has been voted one of the best sock subscriptions by many people, including style experts such as GQ Magazine. There's also fun socks for men which includes colorful ankle socks and cool socks for men with different patterns like camouflage or stripes. If you're looking for an unusual gift, these might be your best option!


Incorporate into existing looks

For the man who likes to show off his fun personality, there are a lot of great options for men's socks. One option is sock of the month, which sends out a new pair of socks each month. There are two subscription levels for sock of the month- one that sends out three pairs a year and another that sends six pairs over two years.
The monthly service is $18 for three pairs and $36 for six pairs. Alternatively, you can buy one pair at a time from their website. For men who like to dress up with more formal clothes, these socks would be perfect. These socks are high quality and come in some unique patterns- like purple ankle socks or colourful crew socks- so they make an excellent gift idea as well!