Sock of the Month for Cold Feet

sock of the month for Cold Feet

Having cold feet in winter might seem like a given, but it doesn’t have to be that way! There are many great products available to keep your feet warm no matter how low the temperatures go. And if you’re looking for something fun and unique, why not try out one of these sock of the month clubs? Here are three fantastic options that will take your fancy this season

Solve the main problem

What’s worse than cold feet? Having cold, ugly feet. A pair of socks can keep you warm without losing your personal style; just choose one that fits your personality and sense of fashion. You don’t have to settle for granny’s outdated feel-good socks anymore: these days there are plenty of options to choose from. For example, if bright colors make you happy or if you like to draw attention to yourself by adding color accents wherever possible, you should go with a colorful pair of socks. If practicality is more important than color, find a solid colored sock that will match all your outfits no matter what season it is or what mood you're in that day. Or simply get both!

Layer, Layer, Layer

One of my favorite ways to stay warm when it’s cold out is to wear multiple layers. This can help you keep your hands, feet, head and torso all covered. Obviously, wearing layers during winter doesn’t mean you have to be wearing a bunch of clothing—you just need items that keep you warm without weighing you down. For example, if I know I’m going to be outside on a chilly day I’ll put on long underwear under my pants and then add a sweatshirt or long sleeved t-shirt over it. During really cold days I add an extra layer (often another t-shirt) on top so that my core stays warm but my upper body is still able to breathe.

Best insoles

Footbeds make or break an insole. Footbeds come in many shapes and sizes, made from a variety of materials that all have different qualities. Consider buying a pack of footbeds so you can switch them out depending on your activity level and environment. If you're looking to keep your feet warm, then wool socks are your best bet. They might be expensive, but they will do their job more than other types of insoles. Wool helps retain heat while wicking away moisture to prevent sweatiness in extreme cold weather conditions. It is ideal to wear wool socks with quality insoles when spending extended time outdoors during the winter months to avoid getting cold feet!

Buy extra socks

Socks are easily forgotten when it comes to cold-weather gear. But if you have cold feet, you’ll probably appreciate a variety of socks with different weights and styles. As an added bonus, wearing more than one sock at a time can help your feet stay warm, too! In fact, studies have shown that wearing two pairs can be even more effective at wicking away moisture than wearing just one pair. For people with bigger feet (including men) and those who find normal-size socks uncomfortable, extra-large socks may be another good option. Before purchasing your winter footgear, try out several pairs to make sure you’re comfortable with their fit and style—and that they keep your toes warm enough.

Don’t go out without shoes

A simple way to avoid cold feet is to wear something on your feet at all times. Most people think shoes and socks are interchangeable, but they aren’t! If you wear shoes without socks, it makes your feet sweat more and increases your risk of foot fungus. Use a thin pair of stockings, thin cotton socks or even toe socks instead. Keep in mind that if you’re wearing snow boots, they should be thick enough to keep your toes warm with or without socks!

Heat your shoes

Store your shoes inside a warm oven to help heat them up. Be sure to let them cool off before putting them on, as they can still get very hot. And no, you don't want your feet sweating in these over-heated shoes. In addition to helping keep your toes warm and allowing you to wear thinner socks, heating up your shoes is also a good way to dry out boots that aren't waterproof after getting wet—just remember not to sit in front of a fire or radiator while wearing them. Instead, put on dry socks and leave the heat-filled footwear outside with a bowl of rice that has been microwaved on high for ten minutes inside it overnight.